Monday, June 27, 2011

The Muffin Tin Challenge

Heather Powers put out the Muffin Tin Challenge to the readers of Art Bead Scene. I love a challenge and the creative energy it stirs up.
I have been in a creative slump so I decided to check it out.
On Thursday.
After a very long and trying day at the salon.
Day before I had to do a Bride and her sister's nails for a wedding.

12 muffin cups, 12 projects. No problem.
In a week. No problem.
Week 1/2 gone. Um, problem.

I figured that I wouldn't participate till a fb friend pointed out that the challenge was reduced to 6 projects. Phew, game on.

I filled my muffin tin on Friday night after I rocked those wedding nails.
By the time I was ready for bed I had 18 projects in those muffin cups!
I even grabbed our 6 tin muffin pan out of the cabinet.
I was able to make 12 pieces, 1 more is on the bead mat right now. Here they are:

Lampwork beads from HMB Studios, vintage Swarovski crystals, Sea glass, Quartz and TierraCast

Vinatge Swarovski Crystals and TierraCast

Pendant by Nancy Schindler, shell and Vinatj Chain

Handmade beads by Gaea Cannaday and leather, Vintaj clasp

Handmade pendant by MadMaggie Designs

Lampwork Glass beads by HMB Studios and heart charm by Green Girls Studio

Handmade toggle by MadMaggie Designs, Handmade Egg by Kelley Wenzel, Handmade Lampwork beads by Julsbeads

Garnets, TierraCast and I am sure dyed magnesite

Stretch bracelet 2 hole jasper and Vinatj beads

Lampwork bead by Julsbeads, abalone, Vinatj chain and charm

Handmade pendant Missficklemedia, glass and Vinatj chain

Humblebeads polymer clay beads, carnelian, magnesite, jade, Enameled bead by Sally Russick

I had a blast doing this challenge and even have 5 or 6 projects waiting to be made. I think I will keep up this challenge. I rarely cook anyway ;-) I loved that the short time frame made me have to use what was in my stash! A great way to use up those Art Beads I have been hoarding.
Thanks for stopping by, leave me a link to your post I would love to see what my frieands and readers have made for this challenge.


maryharding said...

Wow!! Shannon. One beauty after another. Very nice. I am so glad you participated.

Karyn B said...

They're all so beautiful. Great job getting them finished, too! I wish I'd had art beads to use this time around, but I was all out, and tried to use up some of my stone stash:

Shirley said...

Oh man, those are some awesome pieces! Thanks a lot, now I have drool all over my computer! I was gonna state my faves, but...that would be all of them!

Anonymous said...

Nice Shannon and only one pair of earrings!! I had a bracelet and necklace in mind but didn't even finish using all earrings. Good for you my friend! Kristi

Erin Fickert-Rowland said...

I second! One knockout after another! Girl, you know how to buy some beads! I love that you include an art bead in virtually every single project! And of course you're my friend!! XOXO!!

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Shannon... you totally rocked the muffin tin challenge! Love each piece! Your color choices are wonderful. Completely love what you did with the Julsbeads! I'm drooling!

You should be proud dear, I don't know if I could do 12 projects in a week.

Cillaw said...

Wow 3!!
Fantastic! Love the MadMaggie clasp with the egg bead (I have those too in my too good to use pile, glad to see them out in action), I love the one above it too with the red bead and heart charm.
Great Work!

CraftyHope said...

You did it!! Yay!
I adore each and every one of these pieces but I've got to pick a favorite or two for the heck of it. The leather and Gaea beads necklace as well as the one with the MissFickleMedia pendant are both super fab.
I'm so happy you got enough done to participate!

Holly said...

Girl, I'm so drooling over those incredible MadMaggie pieces...that first one, in the tans, is just gorgeous! Love all the work you did, and I have to admit I'm quite impressed at only one pair of earrings!

Marie Cramp said...

This challenge really worked for you! These designs are great!!

My Life Under the Bus said...

You did it Shannon!!! Lovely job - I think the Nancy Shindler piece and Missficklemedia piece are my favs!

Green Shoot Jewellery Designs said...

Hi Shannon, I love the pieces you made and I agree, this was a really good challenge to use up things I've been hoarding! Here's a link to my post

Deb x

steufel said...

Wow - what a wonderful work. Fantastic:-)

lynsey said...

wow you really rose to the challenge, fantastic pieces, love them

TesoriTrovati said...

Oh so awesome! You have such a wide range of styles going on here... something for everyone! Thanks for introducing me to some new (to me!) artists! I didn't finish but got about 4 done but I will keep it up as long as there is a bead in my studio! ;-)
Enjoy the day!

Happy Mango Beads said...

What a challenge. Really amazing designs here! I love the Missficklemedi pendant, MadMaggie Designs button pendant, your necklace with Gaea Cannaday's beads, your bracelet with HMB Studios beads, and, and, AND.... Ok, I love them all :) - Whitney

Kate said...

Way to go, girl! 12 pieces over the weekend. You totally rock. Love your art bead usage!!

Linda Landig said...

These are amazing! I love your use of color! You really rocked this!

Bobbie said...

The first bracelet and the necklace with the MissFickleMedia pendant are my favorites, but I love your sense of color. Everything is beautiful!

Sally said...

Shannon, all the designs you bake up are wonderful and I especially love what you created with the bead that I sent you!! I can't believe you did 12 pieces over a weekend, WOW!! I'm lucky if I can get one done in 12days! :)

Julianna Cannon said...

Shannon, each one of these is really beautiful. Such unique designs that feature all those art beads perfectly~ way to go girl!

amanda Davie said...

Really lovely designs-I love the idea of the muffin tin challenge....I will have to hop over there and check it out! You did a fantastic job on your pieces! light and love-amanda

swopemelmel said...

Wowee zowee!! I love the Aqua Missficklemedia. It's PERFECT. Let me know when or if it goes in the shop.

Mellisa said...

Holy Cow! Clearly you're one who works well under pressure :) Beautiful pieces!

Kristen said...

OMG Shannon I can not believe what a stash you must have! I love all of them and each has it's own distinct voice! LOVE!