Sunday, March 28, 2010

Baptism Bracelet

This is the baptism bracelet that I made for The Girl's baptism. I love this bracelet on her because it is super comfy and she doesn't play with it at all. I get comments on how cute it is all the time. I personally think it is because the model is so beautiful but the I am bias.

This is my handsome husband. I am so proud of him, he is trying to quit chewing tobacco. It is a very difficult habit to break and he has been going strong for over 2 weeks now!

We were able to move The Girl to a rear facing but big girl car seat last week. She really seems to like it much better than the infant carrier, I can't say I blame her.  The thing she really loves being able to sit in the shopping carts.

Some new jewelry I have been working on. I am in love with the necklace. I am keeping this one for myself, it has vintage lucite, vintage buttons, turquoise, jasper, carnelian and pearls. I have worn it with so many outfits I don't dare part with it till I make another one like it.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I bought this little hose bell because it was so cute. Not vintage because it is stamped 1990 but it looks handmade and is just adorable.
Old keys, and lock plates I can see becoming jewelry.

I liked this flower needs some cleaning up but I think it would be a pretty necklace or hair piece.

Finally, this teeny tiny spoon. I think that this is so cute. I have a small collection of sugar and salt bowls so I just loved this little spoon. I may keep it but it may become something too.

Yogurt and Earrings

Well what does yogurt have to do with earrings? Nothing really but The Girl ate yogurt for the first time today and I made these earrings.

What a beautiful day today was so I went to do a little bit of shopping across the river (1 hr away) from home. I had to get some Vintaj at Hobby Lobby so I did that and  got a few other things there then I decided to go to an antique store. While hunting at the antique store you are not going to believe what I found. One of MY necklaces! Not used to be mine but one that I made. I about died. I told the woman behind the desk that it was a necklace I made and she asked if I were sure. I told her that I used to put a tag on all my jewelry and that it had my tag on it. She told me that all the items in the store were on consignment, she said the person who had the case that the necklace was in went to places and bought jewelry to resell it. I don't remember who I sold that particular piece to but I do remember making the necklace. It was so weird to see my jewelry being sold somewhere without my knowledge. I wonder if the person who bought the necklace from me in the first place is the person selling it or if this person got it as a gift and didn't like it or if the first owner sold it because she didn't like it. I may never know.


What a weird day.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Hubby and I have been remodeling our kitchen for, well let's just say a really, really long time. Last night he came home with 1 part of the Corian counter top he made for me!
I am so excited to know that the rest of the kitchen countertops are being worked on over the next week. He is hoping to get the island top in tonight!

While we worked on installing the countertop The Girl was playing in her exersaucer with a calculator she stole off the couch. I have been working on getting my numbers ready for the accountant. We do our taxes tomorrow, ack!

I have been telling myself, okay clients have been telling me, to make more earrings but I have a block for earrings right now. I think it is because they are easy, I feel like I should try and make something more difficult. That people only want to buy things that are difficult to make.  Not that this little bracelet was all that difficult to make (the flowers are vintage) but, well you know what I mean. I don't want to make something that a client could run to Michael's and get a bead and pliers and make themselves. I think that is why I have not made earrings in a while. Is that silly? Hubby says yes that they are not going to go make them themselves and those people that will well, screw 'em. (His words not mine) Hmm, didn't I start this post with the word progress? Funny, I meant my kitchen but I guess it could apply here too.
Is there something you are blocked on? How do you "snap" out of it?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Bracelet-think spring!

I want spring so bad, I even pulled out the flip flops the other day. I know it is right around the corner so I decided to celebrate by making a super cute jingly bracelet complete with a flower toggle.

8 months old and already doing the "puss" face! She is definitely my daughter.