Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yogurt and Earrings

Well what does yogurt have to do with earrings? Nothing really but The Girl ate yogurt for the first time today and I made these earrings.

What a beautiful day today was so I went to do a little bit of shopping across the river (1 hr away) from home. I had to get some Vintaj at Hobby Lobby so I did that and  got a few other things there then I decided to go to an antique store. While hunting at the antique store you are not going to believe what I found. One of MY necklaces! Not used to be mine but one that I made. I about died. I told the woman behind the desk that it was a necklace I made and she asked if I were sure. I told her that I used to put a tag on all my jewelry and that it had my tag on it. She told me that all the items in the store were on consignment, she said the person who had the case that the necklace was in went to places and bought jewelry to resell it. I don't remember who I sold that particular piece to but I do remember making the necklace. It was so weird to see my jewelry being sold somewhere without my knowledge. I wonder if the person who bought the necklace from me in the first place is the person selling it or if this person got it as a gift and didn't like it or if the first owner sold it because she didn't like it. I may never know.


What a weird day.

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Cindy said...

Ah, your sweet baby is so adorable! Enjoy....these baby days go by so fast. My little guy is already 17 months old and running around as fast as he can.
What a strange experience to find a piece of your jewelry being resold. A mystery indeed.