Saturday, December 1, 2012

One very strange night

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On either Wednesday or Thursday after hubby and I came home from work a few things were turned over. We didn't think much of it because we have been getting mice in the traps for a few days, 4 or 5 so far. Hubby found the hole where he thought the mice were coming down from the attic and patched it. It was a hole where we had removed a wire and it had duck tape over it while waiting to be patched. The mice ate through the tape. I was sure that the traps would get whatever had been in the house.

During the night I heard some noises, I thought they were from the attic.

Yesterday afternoon Emily and I laid down for an afternoon nap. I heard the noises again and thanked God that whatever it was was staying in the attic. Later that night I was not feeling very well so Emily and I had a treat and had dinner in my bed. I heard some noises and pointed it out to my husband.
We put Emily to bed and I turned in early. I watched some tv and as soon as I turned it off I heard the noises. I made hubby come in and of course he heard nothing. He said don't worry and go to bed.
I laid down again and the noises started almost immediately. He was up watching tv so I made him come and sit in the room with me, no tv, no lights. After almost an hour of this, with both of us falling in and out of sleep, we heard the noises. Hubby said that's not from the attic I think it is in the wall or basement.

At this point Emily starts screaming for help because she wet the bed! My daughter has almost never wet the bed. Hubby and I went in changed the bed, washed and changed her, and put her back to bed.

Hubby stopped to listen to the noises again and then was convinced it was in the wall. He moved the bed away from the wall and signaled me to leave the room. I ran to the kitchen and jumped on a chair convinced it was a mouse.

He ran into the kitchen and yelled it's a squirrel, it's a squirrel under the bed.

Omg! I ran to Emily's room and slammed the door. From my bedroom all I could hear was furniture being tossed around and hubby yelling. Several thuds and 30 minutes later hubby said you can come out now. He had gotten the squirrel to run up a piece of wood and out the window.

After a thorough look outside our house this afternoon hubby figured out that the squirrel had eaten a hole in the soffit above the bedroom window and got into the attic from there he must have used the hole the mice had been using. Once he patched the hole the squirrel had nowhere to go so it hid in my bedroom. 

All of the holes are now patched and a have a heart trap is being given to us tomorrow just in case it or it's friends have decided to live in the attic.

How was your night?