Saturday, December 1, 2012

One very strange night

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On either Wednesday or Thursday after hubby and I came home from work a few things were turned over. We didn't think much of it because we have been getting mice in the traps for a few days, 4 or 5 so far. Hubby found the hole where he thought the mice were coming down from the attic and patched it. It was a hole where we had removed a wire and it had duck tape over it while waiting to be patched. The mice ate through the tape. I was sure that the traps would get whatever had been in the house.

During the night I heard some noises, I thought they were from the attic.

Yesterday afternoon Emily and I laid down for an afternoon nap. I heard the noises again and thanked God that whatever it was was staying in the attic. Later that night I was not feeling very well so Emily and I had a treat and had dinner in my bed. I heard some noises and pointed it out to my husband.
We put Emily to bed and I turned in early. I watched some tv and as soon as I turned it off I heard the noises. I made hubby come in and of course he heard nothing. He said don't worry and go to bed.
I laid down again and the noises started almost immediately. He was up watching tv so I made him come and sit in the room with me, no tv, no lights. After almost an hour of this, with both of us falling in and out of sleep, we heard the noises. Hubby said that's not from the attic I think it is in the wall or basement.

At this point Emily starts screaming for help because she wet the bed! My daughter has almost never wet the bed. Hubby and I went in changed the bed, washed and changed her, and put her back to bed.

Hubby stopped to listen to the noises again and then was convinced it was in the wall. He moved the bed away from the wall and signaled me to leave the room. I ran to the kitchen and jumped on a chair convinced it was a mouse.

He ran into the kitchen and yelled it's a squirrel, it's a squirrel under the bed.

Omg! I ran to Emily's room and slammed the door. From my bedroom all I could hear was furniture being tossed around and hubby yelling. Several thuds and 30 minutes later hubby said you can come out now. He had gotten the squirrel to run up a piece of wood and out the window.

After a thorough look outside our house this afternoon hubby figured out that the squirrel had eaten a hole in the soffit above the bedroom window and got into the attic from there he must have used the hole the mice had been using. Once he patched the hole the squirrel had nowhere to go so it hid in my bedroom. 

All of the holes are now patched and a have a heart trap is being given to us tomorrow just in case it or it's friends have decided to live in the attic.

How was your night?


Bobbie said...

Yikes!!!! Glad you figured it out pretty quickly! I know people say the animals are more scared of us than we are of them, but I'm not so sure!

Therese's Treasures said...

Oh Shannon,
I am so glad all involved are safe and no harm came to you, your hubby, daughter, and the squirrel. I got a mental picture of your hubby trying to get the squirrel out of the room and had to laugh out load. This makes me think of an old song about a squirrel loose in a church.

Cassi Renee said...

Wow! That is scary! And I've heard squirrels can do a lot of damage when they're frightened. Very clever of your husband to help the squirrel get back outside!

We have had squirrels in our attic (which we can't access) and had to patch an outside hole as well. My husband patched it in the middle of the day, hoping the squirrels were out at that time.

Spirited Earth said...

Shannon...i'm laughing a little over this..however, i know it was disturbing to you ..but we had this happen a few times when we lived in Austin.. and i guess it's funny memory now..the squirrels torn the screen off the chimney and somehow got in that was scary, we thought it might bite us while we were chasing it all over the house left sooty paw prints everywhere and was the devil to get outside...the second time our dog got it before we came home and was soo proud of herself..fortunately it wasn't icky and chewed up ..just dead..we felt bad..but glad it didn't get on us while we were asleep..i'd have a heart attack if that happened...hopefully it won't try to get back inside.

A Polymer Penchant said...

I don't have words really, I'm just shuttering at the thought... hopefully sweet dreams from here on out.

Shirley Moore said...

Oh good grief! I was on pins and needles racing to get to the end of the story to see what it was! My mom said that one of the houses we lived in when I was little had an opossum in the wall. She would hear him running up and down in there, and those guys are big! So glad he got it to head out the window!!

The Crazier Sister said...

Oh, man! I can't help laughing because I would have been on that chair with you (or locked in a closet with a bat in hand!) And, yes, I had a mental image of the Key Stone Kops chasing it out of your room (apologies to your DH). Honest, you'll laugh later! :D

Cynthia@Ornamental Style said...

I'm sorry but I'm laughing hysterically about the part where your husband is throwing furniture around and yelling. I know it wasn't funny at the time. Glad to hear all parties are safe (including the squirrel).

TesoriTrovati said...

When I was about 5 years old we had squirrels that got into our attic from the attached breezeway. They camped out above my parents bedroom. Each night they would kick it into high gear. My dad said they were getting more lucky than he was! One night he could take it no longer, so they woke my baby sister and me up and he told us to 'Go into the bathroom and don't come out no matter what you hear!' He had to take out all the linens in the small closet and climb into the attic where he set a trap for the squirrels with an overturned Weber grill and a board. He trapped the squirrel and lashed it shut. Then he had to come down out of the attic through the little closet with the now pissed off and frantic squirrel trapped inside. He managed to do that (I have no idea how!) and then proceeded to the basement where he was going to drown it in the laundry tub (don't judge, it was the 70s!). Except that the water loosened the rope causing it to leave a gap and the squirrel escaped! Now we had a pissed off, wet squirrel running around our basement! I think that he somehow got it to run outside. This story made me think of that clattery night back in about 1973! Enjoy the day! Erin

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