Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Challenge of Color Blog Hop 11/30/11

I chose the color gray. What was I thinking is what I asked myself when I got the first e-mail with my color palette. The palette's are from Design 
Yellow, Maroon and Gray? How was I going to create anything in those colors?
Then a friend told me "You don't have to use all the colors just as long as you use gray you'll be fine." Thanks Catherine :-)
{autumn leaf}
I pulled out all the gray beads I had, then grabbed yellow and maroon beads and pendants. I surprisingly had a lot of yellow pieces from Round Rabbit and from Marsha Neal Studio. 
I started with this necklace. A Marsha Neal Studio pendant, crystals, czech glass, agates and a couple beads from Starry Road Studio, all knotted on waxed linen.

Then I made this bracelet using a Round Rabbit tattoo heart charm, crystals, czech glass and waxed linen.

Once I got into the groove of this yellow and gray thing I was ready to add maroon into the mix.
I grabbed this Round Rabbit piece, czech glass, vintage lucite, jade, leather and Vintaj.

Thanks for the visit! I hope you like my creations. I can't wait to see what everyone else made for this challenge. I hope you'll hop around! I am #48 if you are keeping track.


Here is the official list:
1 Norma Turvey Teal Color Crave
2 Jeannie Dukic Green Mineral Tones
3 Mary McGraw Teal Embellished Hues
4 Jo Tinley Red Decadent Tones
5 Rebecca Anderson Pink Tulip Tones
6 Kristi Jaro Red Temple Entrance
7 Stephani Gorman Green Dew Tones
8 Melissa Meman Green Fruit Star
9 Kathleen Lange Klik Teal Silk Hues
10 Cynthia Riggs Red Autumn Comfort
11 Heidi Post Teal Flora Bright
12 Cece Cormier Teal Merino Teal
13 Amy Freeland Gray Cultured Tones
14 Alice Peterson Blue Island Play
15 Rose Noble Gray Autumn Stacked
16 Kristina Johansson Yellow Sunny Flower
17 Kirsi Luostarinen Teal Dragon Hues
18 Tari Kahrs Orange Citrus Tones
19 Mallory Hoffman Purple Petaled Dark
20 Molly Alexander Brown Peppered Tones
21 Regina Santerre Red Frosted Berry
22 Emanda Johnson Teal Color Purl
23 Amy Severino Orange Winged Tones
24 Bobbie Rafferty Teal Lime Hues
25 Tanya Goodwin Gray Pecked Tones
26 Lisa Lodge Blue Nocturnal Tones
27 Hope Smitherman Blue Bloom Tones
28 Linda Landig Green Cacti Dark
29 Ambra Gostoli Teal Perched Autumn
30 Lori Bowring-Michaud Blue Sharpened Blue
31 Pippa Chandler Teal Hungarian Hues
32 Keirsten Giles Purple Mineral Brights
33 Jennifer Justman Blue Autumn Rays
34 Sandy Richardson Purple Moroccan Brights
35 CJ Bauschka Teal Teal Air
36 Shaiha Williams Teal Sushi Hues
37 Kay Thomerson Purple Autumn Spectrum
38 Sally Russick Purple Golden Gate Tones
39 Cilla Watkins Purple Autumn Infused
40 Shirley Moore Purple Frozen Heather
41 Jenni Connolly Gray Paw Tones
42 Tamara Soper Green Field Tones
43 Sharyl McMillian-Nelson Blue Nested Blues
44 Jen Velasquez Pink Sweetened Tints
45 Maria Grimes Red Bright Bloom
46 Elisabeth Auld Gray Petaled Tints
47 Susan Kennedy Pink Zinnia Tones
48 Shannon Chomanczuk Gray Autumn Leaf
49 Holly Westfall Yellow Sprinkled Tones
50 Patty Gasparino Red Color Carton
51 Angela Little Pink Singapore Brights
52 Lizzie Zawinski Green Budding Hues
53 Kristen Stevens Pink Scooped Tones
54 Dawn Doucette Brown Jarred Tones

Monday, November 28, 2011

Mini Me

I was so proud when I got out of the shower this morning and walked down the hallway and saw this scene at my beading table:

My daughter had watched me alter some Vintaj charms and pendants the other day so she found the Vintaj cards and the file and was making some of her own

When I walked out I asked "What are you doing?"
She answered "I making things."
I am so proud :-)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

I Heart Macro

Time for I Heart Macro again.

I was working on a Christmas themed craft with my daughter this afternoon and couldn't resist taking a pictures of her beautiful hands, chipped nail polish and all.

When she was born I would sit and stare at her perfectly formed fingers and fingernails. Now that she is 2-1/2 I can't believe the things she can do and how fast the time flies.

Also, I need to share a great giveaway:

The fabulous Lori Andsrson is hosting a week of giveaway's and sales. Go check it out.

studio waterstone 

Thanks for visiting! Now be sure to stop by the other participants and Lori's fabulous blog.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I Heart Macro- Winner

I won the huge giveaway sponsored by Melinda Orr and 3 of my prizes have arrived :-)

First up is this gift certificate from Fired Up Ladies. I haven't decided what to buy yet but I am thinking it might be a set of these:
Second to arrive were these fabulous beads from Marie-Noel Voyer-Cramp from Skye Jewels. I can't wait to make something from these.

And finally these awesome beads from Karen Totten from Starry Road. How amazing are these? I have already used several of them for my color hop challenge-to be revealed on Nov 30th.

I have taken a macro shot of my favorite beads of the bunch.

I hope you'll check out the rest of the Macro shots this week and please visit the shops of these 3 lovely ladies.

studio waterstone

Thank you all so much for such an amazing giveaway!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My 200th Post and a giveaway

Hello :-)
I know I haven't been around much. I have been getting ready to put my jewelry in a store in Pine Bush NY that is opening Tomorrow! Wowza.

I was accepted to the Hudson Valley Etsy Team and together the team is opening a Pop Up Shop. That means it will only be open for 3 months, perfect for holiday shopping.
I have been busy making new pieces, pricing and labeling.

Yes this is my 200th blog post!
So cool that I made it to 200.
It just so happens that I teamed up with my friend Mindy of Marigold Road to offer a $30 GC to my shop.
So in honor of my 200th post please make sure you visit Mindy's blog and enter to win the GC. I never give anything away so this is a pretty awesome chance.
Good luck and here's to 200 more!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

How to make a floral bracelet, during nap time

So today during my daughters nap (yes she still naps, how lucky am I?) I created this bracelet, start to finish. I used a package of flowers, 3 colors of crystals, fine silver wire, sterling silver head pins and a sterling silver lobster claw clasp.

I started with 20 gauge fine silver wire (all I had) and made the chain. Aren't these cute? they are like figure eight's. What I like about these is that you will never loose a flower. A good thing!
I thought about adding all the flowers before closing my loops but I wanted the loops to be perfect and knew the flowers would be in the way.

After I made the chain I selected all the flowers and crystals I was going to use and put them on sterling silver 1.5" headpins. This step of threading them all at once saves time.

Next step I did was to make a loop in all of the flowers. Again this saves time.

Next step I did was to add 1 row of flowers. I like adding the flowers one color at a time so I am not too overwhelmed by little sticks poking out all over the place.

Finished. All together this bracelet took me about 1.5 hours +/- Not bad for a nap time craft now is it?
Thanks for stopping by. I hope you'll try making your own.

This post was featured on the front page of The Hive Crafting Community - formysweetdaughter I Love TheHIVE

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Dream

Today is like a dream for me.
Several months ago I was contacted by Amy Berkowitz who writes the craft section for our local Newspaper. Not the dinky local paper, the big one, you know the one you buy for the coupons on Sunday.
I responded to her questions via e-mail and then did not hear back from her.
Hadn't heard back till last Tuesday.
Last Tuesday night the salon was slow so I went home early and the phone rang. Hello, this is Amy Berkowitz from the Times Herald Record. I almost dropped the phone. She and I had an instant connection and spoke for a while. Then we made an appointment to speak again that Friday. We spoke for over an hour that day. She is an artist and totally "got" me in a way others sometimes don't. We spoke again the other night and she told me the article would be out Thursday.
I only half believed her.
This morning before I even woke up my husband went out and bought 3 papers!
I was like is it really in there? He opened to page 23 and there it was - a picture of me and the necklace that I have as my facebook avatar :-) I love that necklace. He said the lady at the gas station asked if there was something special in the paper. He proudly responded "yeah, my wife." :-) So sweet.

I see they have a galley of other photos of my work at

This is surreal.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Created A Monster

Yep, I did. 
I created a monster.
See that cute little girl in that picture? 
The one hanging out with her doggie? 
Yes her. 
Don't let her fool you. 
She's a monster. 
With big sharp teeth and she'll bite ya.

Now would someone please tell me what to do about it?
My baby's a biter :-( and I have no clue how to stop it.