Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Challenge of Color Blog Hop 11/30/11

I chose the color gray. What was I thinking is what I asked myself when I got the first e-mail with my color palette. The palette's are from Design 
Yellow, Maroon and Gray? How was I going to create anything in those colors?
Then a friend told me "You don't have to use all the colors just as long as you use gray you'll be fine." Thanks Catherine :-)
{autumn leaf}
I pulled out all the gray beads I had, then grabbed yellow and maroon beads and pendants. I surprisingly had a lot of yellow pieces from Round Rabbit and from Marsha Neal Studio. 
I started with this necklace. A Marsha Neal Studio pendant, crystals, czech glass, agates and a couple beads from Starry Road Studio, all knotted on waxed linen.

Then I made this bracelet using a Round Rabbit tattoo heart charm, crystals, czech glass and waxed linen.

Once I got into the groove of this yellow and gray thing I was ready to add maroon into the mix.
I grabbed this Round Rabbit piece, czech glass, vintage lucite, jade, leather and Vintaj.

Thanks for the visit! I hope you like my creations. I can't wait to see what everyone else made for this challenge. I hope you'll hop around! I am #48 if you are keeping track.


Here is the official list:
1 Norma Turvey Teal Color Crave
2 Jeannie Dukic Green Mineral Tones
3 Mary McGraw Teal Embellished Hues
4 Jo Tinley Red Decadent Tones
5 Rebecca Anderson Pink Tulip Tones
6 Kristi Jaro Red Temple Entrance
7 Stephani Gorman Green Dew Tones
8 Melissa Meman Green Fruit Star
9 Kathleen Lange Klik Teal Silk Hues
10 Cynthia Riggs Red Autumn Comfort
11 Heidi Post Teal Flora Bright
12 Cece Cormier Teal Merino Teal
13 Amy Freeland Gray Cultured Tones
14 Alice Peterson Blue Island Play
15 Rose Noble Gray Autumn Stacked
16 Kristina Johansson Yellow Sunny Flower
17 Kirsi Luostarinen Teal Dragon Hues
18 Tari Kahrs Orange Citrus Tones
19 Mallory Hoffman Purple Petaled Dark
20 Molly Alexander Brown Peppered Tones
21 Regina Santerre Red Frosted Berry
22 Emanda Johnson Teal Color Purl
23 Amy Severino Orange Winged Tones
24 Bobbie Rafferty Teal Lime Hues
25 Tanya Goodwin Gray Pecked Tones
26 Lisa Lodge Blue Nocturnal Tones
27 Hope Smitherman Blue Bloom Tones
28 Linda Landig Green Cacti Dark
29 Ambra Gostoli Teal Perched Autumn
30 Lori Bowring-Michaud Blue Sharpened Blue
31 Pippa Chandler Teal Hungarian Hues
32 Keirsten Giles Purple Mineral Brights
33 Jennifer Justman Blue Autumn Rays
34 Sandy Richardson Purple Moroccan Brights
35 CJ Bauschka Teal Teal Air
36 Shaiha Williams Teal Sushi Hues
37 Kay Thomerson Purple Autumn Spectrum
38 Sally Russick Purple Golden Gate Tones
39 Cilla Watkins Purple Autumn Infused
40 Shirley Moore Purple Frozen Heather
41 Jenni Connolly Gray Paw Tones
42 Tamara Soper Green Field Tones
43 Sharyl McMillian-Nelson Blue Nested Blues
44 Jen Velasquez Pink Sweetened Tints
45 Maria Grimes Red Bright Bloom
46 Elisabeth Auld Gray Petaled Tints
47 Susan Kennedy Pink Zinnia Tones
48 Shannon Chomanczuk Gray Autumn Leaf
49 Holly Westfall Yellow Sprinkled Tones
50 Patty Gasparino Red Color Carton
51 Angela Little Pink Singapore Brights
52 Lizzie Zawinski Green Budding Hues
53 Kristen Stevens Pink Scooped Tones
54 Dawn Doucette Brown Jarred Tones


KayzKreationz said...

I love it. I think you did a great job with your color palette. They all came together very nice. My post goes up first thing in the a.m (I'm central standard time, u.s.)

Copper Diem said...

Great job! I love what you did with those colors, esp the gray and yellow!

Therese's Treasures said...

Shannon, I Love your pieces they are very pretty. You did a great job using the colors in your palet.

T... said...

wonderful creations, love the palette you had, very rich....

Holly said...

Oh Shannon, each of these pieces just got better as you scrolled down the page! You rocked this challenge hard, great job!

CraftyHope said...

You Did It!!! I know how much you were fretting over your palette, but I knew that anyone with your amazing talent would be able to pull it out.

All three pieces are really something spectacular, but there's just something about that necklace that speaks to me. Well done! (If I could give you a standing ovation over the internet, that's what I'd be doing now!) ;)

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Shannon - I have been following your work for some time and have to say that you are truly gifted! You choice of colors, textures and shapes amazes me. Love it!

Erin Fickert-Rowland said...

Great work Shannon! I especially love that last bracelet! Beautiful!

TesoriTrovati said...

Woohoo for yellow and gray! I think you are so funny... yes, you only had to use gray. But how much more lovely are your designs with that added pop of color? I felt the same way about some of my palettes. I didn't think I would have one bead and then BAM! There was a whole tray! I like the tattoo heart from Round Rabbit but that last bracelet is my favorite. Thanks for playing along with me and letting me push you into the deep end of color! ;-)
Enjoy the day!

lunedreams said...

You went to town! Especially love the knotting in the first bracelet, and I love all the elements in the second bracelet! The bead wrapped strand, with the leather, and chain. Inspiring!

Triptophonic Studios said...

love how you let us know your tracking number on the list! Your piece is fabulous! I love it!

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Shannon, you rocked it!!! Who were you kidding???? I love following your thought process from what.the... to ah ha! Your pieces are beautiful dear!

Pixiloo said...

All of those are so beautiful. I love how you used the focals. They give that pop of color against the gray beads and linen you used. I think I'm in love with your last bracelet. :)

JeannieK said...

WoW you were really on a roll. Spectacular!

Starstruckbooks said...

Ooh, I love your layering of knotted strands...I'm going to have to study that... Isn't it great when the muse takes hold and you just find yourself freewheeling all the way with her? :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Shannon! I love how you incorporated the color palette into your wonderful pieces! I don't usually work in grays but you have inspired me to give it a go! Your designs are fantastic!

I LOVE color! said...

Your designs are just wonderful.
Be blessed to be a blessing

Alice said...

Shannon, all your pieces are just gorgeous! I'm loving the contrast between the light and dark colors of each of your pieced. My favorite is the last bracelet!

Cynthia said...

I love the yellow with the gray! Everything's really stunning!

Amy said...

WOW - you did a spectacular job on a challenging palette! Who knew those colors would look so amazing together. All your pieces are beautiful!

Molly Alexander said...

Ooooooaaaaahhhhhhh! I absolutely love your pieces! The knotting is so intricate, and adds so much texture to the beautiful beads you selected. Fabulous! :)

Regina said...

I can now truly say that I love grey and yellow! Love the necklace with the yellow pendant, very eye-catching, very cool! Love what you have created with your beads... beautiful.

Kathleen Lange Klik said...

Really wonderful designs! I especially like the gray knotting in the bracelet, really creative and fun touch. The pendants are also a great addition. You had a tricky palette, but mastered it beautifully, well done!

Jenni said...

Love the knotting in the first two pieces...the first I have seen this hop. Love the dark grey beads and the two yellow focals are perfect. And I always admire multi strands because it looks so complex and yours is the addition of the maroon element here.

My Life Under the Bus said...

Love that Marsha Niel pendant!!! Very cool and sofisticated - beautiful work Shannon!

Heidi said...

All of it is so great, I really couldn't pick a favorite. I do love working with grey, but the yellow would have freaked me out too! You did beautifully :)

SoulsFireDesigns said...

Oooh, rockin, Shannon! I love your three pieces! I think my favorite is that last one, I am totally digging that focal!

Jen V. said...

I loooove the knotted linen and beads together. Plus, I love that you picked out some awesome art beads that really sing out in both pieces. Happy December!

Shirley said...

What a vibrant color palette! Never would I have imagined those as a "gray" palette. You did a beautiful job on all the pieces. The knotted cord really sets the tone. My fave has to be the last one, with the burgundy, and the sparkly bling! Great job girl!

EmandaJ said...

Beautiful necklace, but I LOVE-LoVe-love the bracelet -- the maroon adds depth to the palette.

ladynoble said...

Very organic. awesome designs!

maneki said...

Lovely jewellery! Great job with such a tricky palette. I especially like the knotted designs. Looks fab!

Bobbie said...

Wow, you were busy! They're all wonderful, but I think the first necklace is my favorite of the bunch. The greys with that soft yellow is just delicious!

Mary K. McGraw said...

Your palette would definitely have been a challenge for me, but you made it look easy. Are you pieces are fabulous. Especially like the last bracelet.

designsbysusan said...

Thank you for stopping by the virtual craft show! I already follow your blog and look forward to seeing more. I hope you take the time to check out my designs at designs by susan and Hope to see you!

Anonymous said...

The contrast between the grey background beads and the pendant or the focal is wonderful.
Love it.


SueBeads said...

Woo hoo! Beautiful work as usual! That would have been a hard color palette for me to work with - you did a fantastic job with it!