Saturday, November 26, 2011

I Heart Macro

Time for I Heart Macro again.

I was working on a Christmas themed craft with my daughter this afternoon and couldn't resist taking a pictures of her beautiful hands, chipped nail polish and all.

When she was born I would sit and stare at her perfectly formed fingers and fingernails. Now that she is 2-1/2 I can't believe the things she can do and how fast the time flies.

Also, I need to share a great giveaway:

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studio waterstone 

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Anonymous said...

What sweet photos! Sure makes you know what is important in life doesn't it?

T... said...

great shots, busy little have a beautiful daughter, enjoy your crafing

Elisabeth said...

What sweet pictures - a treasure!

Kristi Bowman said...

I love little people hands, so cute!

Anonymous said...

Busy little chipped fingers are the sweetest.
Very cute pictures.
Your etsy slideshow on your blog was impressive...loved you copper pendants.

Vhen said...

very sweet photos :)

Therese's Treasures said...

Ahh! Your daughter is so cute and talented at an early age must take after her mother.
I did the same thing with my Son when he was a baby. It is so amazing watching them grow and finding out the things that they can do.

My Life Under the Bus said...

It goes so fast the older they get the faster it goes! Enjoy her!!!

Sharyl said...

She looks like a girl on the go! Thanks for sharing those sweet little fingers with us too! They make a very interesting and enjoyable macro topic!

CraftyHope said...

Cute, cute, cute!! She's one stinking cute helper!

Holly said...

There's something mesmerizing in tiny fingers and toes! (most of the time....unless engaged in something they shouldn't be ;) Love the chipped nail polish, it shows how industrious she is!

Karen Dorcas, Artist said...

beautiful girl and lovely macros. thanks for posting, kareninkenai (i heart macro)