Sunday, March 28, 2010

Baptism Bracelet

This is the baptism bracelet that I made for The Girl's baptism. I love this bracelet on her because it is super comfy and she doesn't play with it at all. I get comments on how cute it is all the time. I personally think it is because the model is so beautiful but the I am bias.

This is my handsome husband. I am so proud of him, he is trying to quit chewing tobacco. It is a very difficult habit to break and he has been going strong for over 2 weeks now!

We were able to move The Girl to a rear facing but big girl car seat last week. She really seems to like it much better than the infant carrier, I can't say I blame her.  The thing she really loves being able to sit in the shopping carts.

Some new jewelry I have been working on. I am in love with the necklace. I am keeping this one for myself, it has vintage lucite, vintage buttons, turquoise, jasper, carnelian and pearls. I have worn it with so many outfits I don't dare part with it till I make another one like it.

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