Saturday, April 3, 2010

Is it really April?!

I cannot believe how fast time has gone. In only a few short months my little girl will be a year old! I can remember this time last year when we were gutting her bedroom to the studs, replacing the floor and painting.
The weather here is so unpredictable last week we had to bundle the baby up to go to church for Palm Sunday. 

Then during the week it was cold and raining, I am so glad we didn't flood like we usually do and I pray for those that live in areas that did flood.

This weekend we are all in short sleeves and flip flops! I love flip flop weather, I know they aren't stylish but with the pregnancy my feet got bigger and I don't have any shoes that fit. 

My In-Laws have a home in Upstate NY and yesterday we took The Girl up there for the first time. The house is not baby proofed which I didn't think was a big deal till we got there. The house is mostly used during hunting season and the baby went for everything that can hurt her. She ate a leaf, for a jar or nails, pulled down a bottle of water, raced over to the spiral staircase. Whew! I was exhausted chasing after her. 

I decided to take her for a walk and came upon this old church and old cemetery. It was too muddy to walk off the road but it was fun to think about the people that used to worship here and what it must have looked like. My husband said some of the headstones are for children who passed away, their age is listed down to the minute. 
We found this little guy hanging out by the back door. I love salamanders, frogs and lizards so this was real treat. We snapped a couple of photos and then left him/her alone. 

Here are 2 new pairs of earrings I made this week. The ones on the left are hand made metal clay and the ones on the right are rose quartz and sterling silver. (I need better lighting for my pictures! 

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Pretty Things said...

I love old churches -- here is one near me

Sorry for the long link, hope you can cut and paste that!

As for flip flops, they're always in style!