Monday, April 19, 2010


I know a little bit about a lot of things.
If I find something interesting I will retain the information, if not then the brain filters it out.
I had matzo with butter and grape jelly for lunch, with a cup of green tea. Yummy. 
Is it truly possible to baby proof your home? My daughter finds every scrap of paper and clump of hair in the house. Then eats it.
No one told me that baby proofing meant I have to shave the cat.
I love to make my own head pins, born out of necessity. I use fine silver wire and my torch. 
I met a woman in the chiropractor's office that had a 15 month old daughter. It is amazing how much they grow up in a few short months, her little girl was running.
The Girl still has no teeth, she will be 10 months old this week.
I made a yellow cake with chocolate frosting today, just because.

My husband has never looked so cute as when he is feeding The Girk her bananas and cereal in the morning.
I finally made something with my precious metal clay and torch last night. It felt great. I has been a while. One of these days I need to use my kiln.
My tax refund cam in the mail today. Thank God because we need money so bad.
The book I won on CraftyPod came today too. Totally Twisted by Kerry Bogert. I wanted this book so bad and to have won it is even more awesome.
I love to sit in my backyard, it is so beautiful and peaceful.
Happy Monday!

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