Monday, June 21, 2010

I must admit I love to take pictures of my little girl learning to feed herself. It has not been an easy transition for her dad and I because now we have to find things she can eat with only 2 bottom teeth and 4 top teeth. She doesn't want us to help her eat anymore and will push the spoon away. Messy!
I made this bracelet using coral, Swarovski crystals, pearls, shells, a Green Girls Studio Coral branch, a handmade clasp and fine silver handmade fish beads. Tons of fun to make and I hear from it's new owner that she loves it and is getting lots of compliments whenever she wears it.

A client had purchased the bracelets in the photo above from another jewelry maker and never wore them so she asked me to cut them up and see what I could make for her. I cut all the bracelets apart and decided the best way to use a beads from all the bracelets was to make a memory wire bracelet. I heard from her that she loves it, yippie!

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