Monday, October 18, 2010

First Home Party

So yesterday was my first home party ever. I was pretty nervous about it. I have been making jewelry specifically for this party for months not putting any of it on display at the salon.
I got to the house (it was across the street from my old house) at 2 and the party was set to start at 2:30 so right there big mistake #1-let hostess know I will be more than 30 min early. Guests were arriving as I was still setting up.
I made another big mistake- I had way too much jewelry. I think it overwhelmed people.
Mistake #3- I put all the jewelry in baggies so it wouldn't get tangled, boy do I need a better system. Got any suggestions? (just saw Lori's post about the tin foil, great idea)

I think the thing I was most nervous about was where and how to display things. I think my type "A" personality likes to have that under my control. I take hours setting up my displays at the salon and then resetting them. So when I arrived at the house I had no clue what was best and ended up using her piano, sideboard and the coffee table, lol.

It was super fun, a beautiful day and I met some really nice ladies. I took a few custom orders which I don't usually do anymore but it was things like make this longer/shorter and finish a bracelet I brought to demo.
You may be asking why I am not doing custom and the answer is my daughter. Having a 16 month old has made time scarce and I cannot commit to having someone's idea come to life during one of my 5 free minutes.
I am looking forward to doing more home parties in the future and craft fairs are on my list too!

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