Monday, January 31, 2011

Bead Soup-Beads

Was it something I said? I just logged on to see that I had lost a follower. I am sitting here wondering why. Was it something I blogged about? Were my goals (it was after that post) stupid and they didn't want to read more. Did their computer get fried? I may never know.

I can finally share my Bead Soup beads with you all now. Here are the 2 packages I wrapped up for my partner Shelly Graves.

Here is what I sent:

I sent an etched rabbit pendant, birds nest and 2 clasps all handmade by me.
Vintage Swarovski Crystals from my Vintage stash.
Glass flowers & leaves from a vendor I love to shop at from at The Innovative Beads Expo.
A handful of Biwa stick pearls and a whole mess of different kinds of Jasper.

Here are the beads I was sent:

A handful of white and clear beads (not sure what they are made of) 2 handmade copper heart charms, 3 Lampwork glass beads, I think the little cup shaped beads and flat rounds are glass and the double strand clasp. update from my partner the white beads are antique German glass.

To say I am stumped is an understatement. I have no clue what to do with these beads. I had better get to work because the deadline is fast approaching! Got any ideas? No! I am kidding this is a challenge to take us out of our comfort zone so I need to let it do just that. Stay tuned I will be posting my finished bead soup jewelry on Saturday February 26th!


My Life Under the Bus said...

OMG that bunny pendant and nest are too sweet! You'll do it Shannon - I KNOW you can!!! XO

Artisan Clay said...

Well, you're up one follower now :-) I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Anna Lear said...

I've had a follower or two "quit" me and, yeah, it's an ego hurter! Just keep doing what you're doing -- writing and creating from the heart -- and people will find you and stay because they want to hear what you have to say. As for the "bead soup" you received, it looks like a cool collection that you can maybe highlight with one or two other accent colors... My first thought was "honeybees" so that might be a theme to work from. I'd be stumped too just because I rarely work with yellow, but I'm sure you'll make something wonderful! Good luck!

Shelly said...

I can't wait to get your package!!!

The white beads are antique German beads (I think they are glass) from an estate find. I'm not sure where I acquired the clear ones.

Faye said...

Don't let the 'un-follower' take up to much time in you mind Shannon... I know it's hard not to wonder why tho in truth I think it's a natural evolution. Readers come, readers go.

I used to fret over the number of followers on my blog (I was thrilled when you joined me!)

Then I started worrying about the number (or lack) of comments (lol) One worry leads to another, :-) Eventually I started to wonder why I fretted?

I think part of sharing ones world online via a blog is the human desire for acceptance and interaction. Unfollowing, few or no comments, etc can't help but cause a bit 'o fretting.... (Reminds me a little bit of the 'not wanting to be the last one chosen for a team in grade school gym class' anxiety!)

FWIW I decided what matters most is that you (& all we bloggers) open the door to our world(s)!
Whoever visits and stays is welcome.... Whoever goes would have anyway most likely.

I enjoy your blog greatly, & can't wait to see what you create with your bead soup! PS the beads you sent for exchange are beautiful

Hot Rocks said...

That is a challenging group of beads that you got. I look forward to seeing your creation.

Holly said...

It's so personal when you find out someone has stopped "following" you, isn't it? While it probably isn't personal at all. What I find deceiving is how impersonal electronic media and such really is. Ah well, don't sweat it, m'dear - you are loved ;) And you'll rock the stuff that your Bead Partner sent you, I'm sure! You do, after all, rock!

Cindy said...

I hear you about the unFollower. That actually happened to me too this week and little things like that can certainly make you wonder. Most likely it is nothing at someone said, readers come and readers go! :-)
The bead soup you sent is fantatic - oh I would have fun with that stash!
I can see the challenge with the grouping you received as well (I rarely work with yellow either), but I sure see a honeybee theme as well....I know you'll have fun with it!

Emakaye said...

I wouldn't worry to much about the unfollow. I think sometimes people just have to clean up their lists and your work or posts just might not be what they are into. I wouldn't take it personally. Now I will say the beads you gave away for bead soup are just awesome! You now have one more follower. Thanks for visiting my OWOH blog ( I can't wait to see what your creative muse brings to the Bead Soup table. :D