Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What's on your table?

It's bead table Wednesday again!
Let's see what I have on my bead table, ahem, my kitchen island.

I have a necklace in progress using 2 pieces from Nancy Shindler of Round Rabbit.
I have a strand of pearls and a fine silver pendant that I made from a casting of an old button. I hope to finish this pieces this weekend it is going to be so vintagey looking. (I know not a word but you know what I mean)
There is the pizza box from dinner last night, it is my kitchen ya know.
In the middle is a few pieces I have been working on they are resin coated vintage papers and some resin filled bezels. There is a bead from Marie-Noel of Skye Jewels and a pendant from Marsha Neal Studio patiently waiting for my next day off.

Wanna play along?

Hope you are enjoying your Wednesday! I am off to the salon to get some beautiful nails done. I have a new old client this morning that I haven't seen in a few years so I am really excited to go in. We are supposed to get snow this afternoon so I hope I can get back home or I may have to sleep on the waxing table. lol, um not!


Kristen said...

Ohh that necklace is so pretty!

Tumbleweed Trails said...

Thanks for swinging by and signing up for my OWOH door prizes. Your name is in. Would you please share with me what brand/Size etc. is on the spool shown here above and to the right of the heart pendant necklace? I'm off to read some more. Thanks again.