Sunday, March 27, 2011

Week 9- 52 weeks

I have been behind the 8 ball in my goal of actually completing 52 Weeks of Blogging Click here to view more details.
I am on week 9, which is where I left off. I got side tracked by the Bead Soup Blog party and by the fact that week 9 was difficult to answer.

The inspiration for week 9 is to document the second stage of creating a new project. I have been stuck on what to show you all that would be interesting and an actual second stage. So what's a girl to do?
Before LOS

After LOS
She shows you what happens when you put your etched copper pendant into a liver of sulfur bath. They come out all black and pretty yucky looking. That's what I wanted. It is this step that leads to the look I am going for in my pieces, it gives the etching depth and an aged look.
--->thanks Kristi for pointing out that I didn't tell you that to get the finished look below I had to sand off most of the black<---
The pictures below are the pieces from Saturday's session. On Sunday I made another 4 pieces and as I write this I have another 5 in the etching process.

My Favorite!

So what do you think? Do you have a favorite? Watch my etsy site because I am actually going to part with some of these beauties, yes you heard correctly some of these will be put up for sale this week!
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kristibasket said...

Cute!! Did you have to sand them to get the black off? I love them!! Those owls are super cute!!

Holly said...

Shannon, like you, I think the "Bliss" one is my favorite! They came out awesome :) What etching system do you use?

EB Bead and Metal Works said...

Wow - love the pieces and it is so hard to pick a fav! I do like the little bumble bees and the pendant with the word "Bliss" on it too!

Barbara said...


Marie Cramp said...

Beautiful! I have wanted to do that for sooo long! I can't find Muriatic acid anywhere though, did you use something different?

jamberry_song said...

These are so beautiful, and the process as you present it is interesting. I'm loving those cute little owls! :D