Friday, August 26, 2011

Last Friday in August

Welcome to the Artisan Clay Design Team Reveal Day!

I received the most awesome pendant. I love the colors in the glaze Kristie used and the u shape made it the perfect pendant for a choker style necklace. I rarely do chokers but I love how this turned out.

I went to JoAnne's Fabrics with a friend a few weeks ago and bought a big bag of plastic flowers. I promptly organized them into baggies by color. One flower escaped my attempts to corral my bead hoard and remained on my table top. It's this little convict that is now front and center in the necklace.

When I received the pendant I placed it on my table top waiting for inspiration. The little flower worked perfectly with the pendant. I also round up some beads from MaryAnn Carroll and my favorite silk from Marsh Neal Studio.

I am so glad that we are having some sunshine this morning so I could take photos because it is looking like the weekend will be a washout with Hurricane Irene taking aim at NY :-/
Be safe everyone.
I am off to the grocery store to stock up on essentials - chips and ice cream.


Anonymous said...

WOw! I love it Shannon! I like the flower on the side, breaking up the strong outline of the half circle. Beautiful soft colors!
Artisan Clay

Therese's Treasures said...

Love your choker Shannon, stay safe during the storm.

Kristen said...

Oh Shannon you are amazing! This one is speaking volumes to me!!!! I guess you can see I am back in the world again sorry I missed so much! Hugs!!!!

somethingunique said...

Hey Shannon, gorgeous i am a sucker for chokers with the scar on my neck that's all i wear...... sounds like my kind of essentials girl please may you and you "sweet daughter" and family be safe!
take care dear ttfn Lana :)

SueBeads said...

So pretty, love the little flower, it's perfect with the piece!

stacilouise said...

Very nice- love those Mary Ann Carrol beads with Krisites!

Carol Dean said...

Oooo...soft...and hard at the same time. Soft colors and texture with the ribbon and flower combined with the hard texture of stoneware and metal. What a delightful piece, Shannon! ;D

Carol Dean said...

Love the soft colors with the mix of hard and soft textures. Lovely. ;)

Penny said...

Love you little flower it really accents the crescent. Stay safe this weekend.

Jen V. said...

We got crackers, cheese, and beer...the essentials! haaaaaaaaa

The little flower really changes up the whole look of the pendant...I love it! You took it in a completely different direction than I'm heading. It's fun to see how different minds work. :)

Stay safe -

Jennifer Cameron said...

I LOVE this and would totally wear it.

Sally Anderson said...

I love how that little flower makes the ceramic piece look soft and lovely! Clever way of handling it. Congratulations!

Cillaw said...

Love it! Everything is so balanced and pretty.
Great Work!

Shel said...

I just saw this (a little late!) and think it's really nice! Very classic/classy in design and yet hip/trendy at the same time - looks great on you, too!