Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Necklace

Like I said I am trying new things this year. I love how this necklace came out. It has sea glass, vintage lucite, sterling silver, clear quartz, glass, pearls, lampwork glass beads and hand made wire embellishments and clasp. 

This is the handmade clasp. I wire wrapped 24g wire so the last bead wouldn't slip off. I think it came out really well.

The Girl is doing great she is teething pretty badly so we should see a tooth soon I would think. I cannot believe how in love with her I am, I took my hair down (I never wear it down) today while we were playing on the floor, the way she looked at me was so precious. In one look I saw love, it was as if she was saying "Mom you are so beautiful" she actually stopped playing for a moment to touch my face and smile. I will treasure this moment in my heart forever.


Lucid Moon Studio said...

Love your necklace, it is very versatile and would go with almost everything. I wear a lot of outfits with black and white, so this would be a good color combination for me. Your daughter is precious too! Welcome to blogland :)


Riki Schumacher said...

Beautiful necklace Shannon. Thank you so much for swinging by and leaving such a fabulous comment. It was fun to make my boxes. Your Emi is toooooo precious. What a doll. Enjoy. Riki

Diana said...

What a cutey Emi is! There is nothing like a mother's love for her child. Enjoy every second you have together as they grow up so very fast. And in addition to being a mom and working, you are creating some beautiful jewelry. I can see that life is good for you! Congrats.