Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snowed In

It has finally stopped snowing and I was able to leave the house for the first time since Thursday. I could not believe the devastation this storm caused. 

We still have no power but my In-Laws lent us a generator to power our sump pump so our basement doesn't flood, they came over today so I could go to work at the salon for a few hours. We have the internet and a few lights working but lost everything in our fridge and freezer including all the homemade baby food and some pumped breast milk I send to my in-laws while I am at work. I called the power company and it looks like we may not be turned back on until Monday night!

It is amazing how the baby never even noticed we had no power, she and I played and read books just like always and she is as happy as can be. Friday before we got the generator for heat was cold so I just dressed her warmly and put a hat on her and she was fine to stay like that for hours and play.

I have not been making any jewelry so I will post some pictures I took on Thursday during the storm while I was at work waiting for my husband to pick me up.

Good Night! I hope everyone stays safe and warm.

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