Friday, February 24, 2012

Last Friday in February - The stumped designer

Today is the last Friday in February. Do you know what that means?

It is Artisan Clay reveal day :-)

I am so excited to show you this necklace because I struggled with it. Yes that's right I was stumped. I had no clue what I was going to make.

It went something like this...
Hmm. I could make earrings.
That might be cool but you said you were going to push yourself creatively this year.
Yes but it's due in 3 days and I have to work at the salon those days and earrings would be easy.
Yes but you didn't want to do easy.
Ugh I know but what. A necklace? Yikes!
Go look at your bead stash.
Ok, ok, I'm going.
Yes that's me talking to myself. I do that from time to time.

This month I received 2 of these circle recycled glass pendants from Kristie's Shop, Artisan Clay.
I have received these before in another Design Challenge, remember these?
For My Sweet Daughter May 2011
I left them on the counter for a few days while I sketched what I wanted to do. Then I got sick and took a week off from everything. I barely even touched Facebook so you know I was really sick ;-)

The design all started when I found these 2 polymer clay beads from Barbara Bechtel of Floridity. The brown and lime green were the perfect compliment and rustic feeling I was going for.
Now what to pair with them? I knew I wanted a circle or circle like object. I pulled out all my circles from Vintaj and different ceramic artists but nothing seemed to work. Then during my drive home from work the other day it hit me. I had this awesome bronze ammonite connector donut from Staci Louise at SLArtisanAccents. Perfect!
Then I went to my collection of smoky quartz beads and found this faceted round bead and this funky nugget which I love but rarely use hoard.
I was struggling with the final part of the necklace because the bead I had in place was so not working.  I called over my business advisor, my husband, and I pulled out several different lampwork beads. I was striking out till I remembered this tiny box of beads I had from Pink Beach. Bingo! I grabbed the brown and raku beads and started working.

I wanted to make the connections sturdy so I used a double loop technique with 22 gauge wire and I did a messy wire wrap to add to the rustic feeling.
I connected the segments to each other so that visually they worked as one unit. I find separating them with jump rings gives a different feeling (which I love for my other pieces).
I wire wrapped the donut with 22 gauge wire to make it a connector and attached it right to the pendant, then got to adding the other elements.
On the Pink Beach bead I textured (beat to heck) 2-10mm  Vintaj natural brass washers. Then I wrapped wire around the Vintaj hook clasp.
Through the 2 etched jump rings I threaded silk from Marsha Neal of MarshNealStudio in a beautiful pumpkin color, tied 2 knots, trimmed the silk and I was d-o-n-e.

Thank you for visiting and be sure to check out the other participants.


Now if you have read to all the way down here I have a surprise for you. I got 2 of these pendants. I only used one. I am going to give the other one away to a random reader who leaves a comment telling me how much they love what I made, or hated it let's be honest here. I will use to help me pick a winner on Monday 2/27, although I can be bribed with pie and chocolate ;-)


kristibasket said...

What a beautiful focal! What a stunning necklace! You should get sick more often because it is beautiful! :)

kristibasket said...

That focal is beautiful and your necklace stunning! You should get sick more often! Hehe! :). Happy Friday!

Sandra Young said...

Absolute beauty! I've been sick recently too and kicked out 25 new necklaces! Something about that down time I guess. I love the bead colors and the ribbon & wire colors are perfect. Love it all the way around.

stacilouise said...

Can I play? I love those colors! I love what you made. Thanks for using my bead in there, looks great!!!

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Shannon, I just love this design. You totally rocked the necklace. Now about this talking to one's self.... um, yeah, I think we all do that. It's when we answer ourselves that we should really investigate such conversations more fully! Glad you're feeling better and creating inspired pieces!

swopemelmel said...

I think it turned out great!!! I love that focal and I really like the Staci Louise component. I think all of your work is lovely and the rustic wire wraps look amazing.
P.S. If I lived closer to you I would seriously make you a deep dark chocolate cake with deep dark buttercream icing. LOL

Initial Charms said...

Ultimately it looked very nice...with all the varied kinds of inputs...and combination of colours...nice piece and made with so much love.

Penny said...

All of your hard work paid off Shannon your design is beautiful.

Artisan Clay said...

Wow! I am so super impressed! I love that you used Staci's bead too! I knew I like the bead...and to know Staci made it... Duh! Of course I love it! I love how the pumpkin color of the silk, works with the color of your wire.

Thanks for playing Shannon!

Patti Van said...

Shannon...I love the cohesiveness of all of the elements you chose! That focal is beautiful!

Therese's Treasures said...

First I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one that has conversations like that with myself. As I read and scrolled down and got the picture of the necklace I gasped it is very pretty in a rustic type of way. I really like it a lot.

Holly said...

So don't count me in for the drawing, because I got the motherlode of winnings (Art Bead Love Tour yummies...), but I have to say I love your necklace! Those Floridity nuggets are so yummy, aren't they?

Kim said...

That focal is gorgeous, and I love what you did with it. The colors are beautiful.

teachergustavson said...

Love how the different elements all tie together and play off of each other!

teachergustavson said...

Love how all the different components work harmoniously together and play off of each other!