Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Make your own jewelry display

Happy Tuesday :-)
In today's blog post I am so excited to write about how I made my dream display's come to life.
I have been dreaming of these display's for a while and being that I am so not crafty with a glue gun or needle and thread I am so excited that they worked and look great!

Here is how it all started:

These are display frames I bought at Hobby Lobby a few years ago. I love them, I use them all the time in my salon. They are great. But, they do not go with the theme for my booth. The ornate, shiny black is so not what I want my booth the be, I have a more rustic vision.
I thought of spray painting the black. So I went to Hobby Lobby with my daughter on Monday looking for more of these. Guess what? They are discontinued in cream, table top style. They had hot pink and teal. Um, no thanks.

So what's a girl to do?
Make her own of course!

She here's how I did it:

I bought these rustic 4x4 frames at Hobby Lobby. They are marked $17.99 but were 50% off that day (never buy frames full price in HL) so I picked up 4 of them. No I don't know the people in that picture, it came with the frame ;-)
NOTE: these frames are deep, I am not sure how a very shallow frame would work but I would think they would because the original from HL is shallow.

I had burlap I purchased many moon's ago in WalMart for about $2.00 a yard and quilt batting.

I had my husband cut me pieces of masonite (he had some left over) but you could use plywood, thick cardboard or something like that. Make it slightly smaller than the inside of your frame because once you pull your burlap around it it will make it fit tightly.

Cut the quilt batting (doesn't need to be perfect) to around the same size as the board you cut. I use 4 sheets to add bulk because I am going to be pinning into it.

Cut the burlap, fabric, muslin or whatever you are using to just slightly larger than the board and the quilt batting pieces.

Place your fabric face down, place your quilt batting on top of it, place your board on top of that. Use hot glue to glue the edges down pulling taught to create a smooth surface. It doesn't need to be pretty, it will be hidden.

Place your board into the frame (discard all the insides and glass) and replace the back. I like the grain of my burlap running vertically but that's just me :-)
You don't need any of this except the back and the frame

So there you have it, your very own custom made, handy dandy earring, necklace or bracelet displays. You could use old frames, frames from thrift stores, fabric remnants whatever you have on hand or can get cheap.

All 4 of these took less than 1 hour and cost around $15.00 each but I totally could have done them cheaper if I had frames lying around.

I use pins from Tim Holtz that I purchased at Michael's with my 40% off coupons. I love them because they are nice and sturdy and they have a key chain like top which you could put a card in or a price tag or a sign whatever you want. They are great little pins.

I also tried these displays with a business card with the earrings on it pinned to the fabric and it looked so great. Which would be perfect if you had earrings of all different price points.

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Have a wonderful Tuesday!


Jess Schleicher said...

These came out wonderfully! Cool.

Cheri said...

They look great and will have to look at Michael's for those pins.

kristibasket said...

Those turned out great and what a great idea to use batting instead of cork board which is what I would have thought of! Looks like you are getting ready!!

Alice said...

I love these! Thanks for showing us how to make them. I've got a couple empty frames that would work well for longer pieces like necklaces.

Happy Tuesday!

Kristen said...

Oh that is awesome. Thank you for showing me!!!! I have a ton of unused frames!!!!

SueBeads said...

Very cool Shannon! It looks like you're crafty to me! I think they are great for your display!