Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday, Monday

Hello :-)
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Ugh, I know but here in NY it's not so bad. I have the front and back doors open and there is a nice breeze sweeping through. My daughter is watching an episode of the Octonauts, which is her current favorite show, and I am here at my beadi.. um, dining room table contemplating what to make with these beads from Jeannie Dukic:

They are the prettiest color blue. The color is so strong and beautiful I had to look twice to make sure they weren't translucent.

So, bracelet, necklace, earrings? A bookmark perhaps? Hmm...
I guess you will have to stop back on the 25th for the reveal.

Also, stop by on Friday for my Finally Friday reveal post. I have already made a bracelet and although I am finding this palette challenging I am going to try and push myself to make a few other pieces.

I am still in pricing hell adding up all the material costs involved in making each and every piece of jewelry in my huge collection. I have finished 21 necklaces and a bunch of bracelets so far but have tons still to go. The craft fair is June 16th so I don't have much time.

I heard pricing in batches helps, do you have any suggestions for making pricing easier? Please, leave me a comment below.

That's about all the time I have, the Octonauts is almost over.
Thanks for stopping by, see you soon!


Courtney said...

What a gorgeous shade of blue!

kristibasket said...

Ahhh, you have 4 weeks to the show, plenty of time! :) You will do great!

PS: one of these days, I am going to drop in on your Friday's on my list!

JeannieK said...

Hey Shannon Thanks! Sounds like you have some good ideas for the beads. Looking forward to the 25th. See ya then

Alice said...

What lovely beads Jeannie sent! I can't wait to see what you make with them.

Today I plan to make jewelry for all the upcoming challenges. I hope inspiration hits today because the rest of the week is utter chaos.

Wow,it sounds like you're a jewelry-making machine this week! Pricing and photographing are my two least favorite things to do in my business. I price every piece according to the components used, and I rarely make duplicates, so I'm of no help to you in that area.

Have a wonderful day!