Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sheep, Wool and a Hurricane

All I can think of right now is hurricane sandy so I wanted to take my mind off that, that and all the deadlines I have looming, and share with you the fun time we had at the sheep and wool festival.

Here we are crossing the Mid Hudson Bridge. The view is amazing.

Here is my pretty girl. Can you believe the short sleeves? In October. It was 70 degrees that day!

This handsome guy that you rarely see on my blog is my husband :-) We met 14 years ago last week, in a bar, a bar neither of us had been to before or since. 

Yup, these 2 pictures are now my screen saver. I just love my little family :-)

Now onto the fun. I want a goat. I think petting the goats was my favorite part.

Sheep Shearing

More sheep

Alpacas. This one was so friendly.

Love the colors of this Alpaca. Would love to have some one day.

I get the coolest buttons from this booth:

She makes the prettiest things


These were in a grab bag I bought

And so were these. I just love the feather one upper right.

Another booth I always stop at for buttons

Aren't they pretty?

I have never shopped at the booth I bought this toggle at but I couldn't resist. The back is turquoise! 
So pretty.

This guy was just playing away as tons of people walked past. I could have stayed here all day.

I had to stop and get more of these tiny guys:

and I just love these colors:

This artist started signing her work just this year:

and I think it is awesome!

 I had never been to this booth before but I ran in when I saw:

these horn buttons! Aren't they awesome sauce?! I love bones so these spoke to me. So cool!

Another super cool thing that happened was I got to meet Stephanie of Space cadet Creations If you don't know who Stephanie is you have to watch her interview with Tara Gentile: It was like meeting a celebrity :-)

Hope you all stay safe this week. I know we have the generator ready along with chips, warm blankets and flashlights.


Bobbie said...

What a beautiful family, and what a lot of fun finds you got! Stay safe and dry as this storm passes through, and let us know when you're in the clear!

A Polymer Penchant said...

Too funny you mention goats. I was planning on taking my little girl back to the farm with all sorts of gotas for feeding tomorrow before they close on the 31st. I was crushed when I saw they don't open Mondays and I work after that. Boooooo. Looks like you guys had a fun time, and what an awesome haul! Love the look of her stamp and the glaze over it. Hopefully the storm will pass quickly, or at least with least destruction.

Oh and last night I made 2 pieces for Finally Friday, hopefully the sun will peak out a bit for some photos

Alice said...

Awww, what a darling family!!

The sheep show sound wonderful and I love all the fabulous buttons you picked up!

I'll be thinking of you and all the others in the path of the storm. Stay safe!

SueBeads said...

WOW, love the buttons! I want a pygmy goat! And my daughter wants an alpaca!