Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday Tips

Gelish Soak Off Gel Nails

I was asked last week to post larger pictures of my work. I hope this works. I went back and updated a few of my last posts with larger pictures of the nails I have done too. 
I hope you can see the details better.

For today's tips I wanted to take about something that gets mixed up and confused almost every time I read about it. It was even messed up in an online article in Shape magazine which made me want to scream because the person they were quoting was supposedly a podiatrist.

This is Sanitize, Disinfect, Sterilize.

Sanitize - to make something clean. We sanitize things by washing them.
Disinfect - render an item free from pathogenic organisms or make them inert. 
Sterilize - to completely eliminate microbial viability. This process kills all non-pathogenic and pathogenic spores, fungi, and viruses.

You cannot sterilize an item by placing it in alcohol. I have a huge problem when nail clients are told to bring their own tools. Do you know how dirty the inside of your purse is? So are you really going to carry around a set of nippers in the bottom of your purse for 2 weeks between appointments? Let me ask you this: If you are so worried that your nail tech isn't disinfecting their tools properly why are they your nail tech? 
If a client asked I would be happy to show you not only how I disinfect my tools but the bottle of hospital grade disinfectant which I replace daily.
In my state sterilizing the tools I use is not required by law however in some states (like Texas) it is. To sterilize the tools are placed in an autoclave. 

I am sharing below a link to a wonderful article about this topic:
Happy Tuesday!

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susanne hale said...

Thanks Shannon I love seeing your work even closer! Appreciate it- Susanne