Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Chairs

Product Image
Product Image

Okay so today I did it, after months of searching I finally picked chairs! I know it doesn't sound like a big deal but for me it has been crazy difficult. These are the chairs I bought 4 counter chairs for my island and 6 chairs for around my dining room table. They are being shipped next week!!! Woo Hoo! 

Today was a crazy day I decided to make a batch of baby food this morning (squash and carrots). Every time I tried to put her down Emi screamed her head off, so I made baby food while holding her! Then I mopped with her in my mobi wrap. My back is killing me but the floors are clean, the food is in the freezer and the cairs are ordered. Whew!

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Cindy said...

Hello Shannon
So glad you stopped by my blog and joined my "followers"..and I'll join yours too! Congrats on the new blog...and the beautiful baby too of course! She is sooo adorable. My youngest is 15 months old and I'm still nursing him, btw - in regards to your last post. Would love to see your jewelry creations too!