Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So I have to admit I love breast feeding. I know it sounds crazy to even write it. I remember saying I just wanted to get through the first 6 months. Now I am faced with my body betraying me I am realizing I love it.
I had the stomach flu last week and after getting over the flu I got very run down and dehydrated so my milk ran out. Poor baby, she was so hungry and I began to feel like I was letting her down by not taking better care of myself. I gave her a couple of bottles of milk I had frozen but she and I knew it just wasn't the same. She kept trying to nurse and I just let her even though nothing was coming out she was content enough to finally fall asleep. I have spent this week trying to rest and get my supply up by drinking lots of water and pumping as much as I can.
I don't think anyone can really explain the bond that you have when you breast feed.  I know if someone tried to tell me I would not have understood. I had someone tell me today "you are going to have to stop that soon she's almost 7 months."
 I know that I won't stop until she is ready to and now is not the time, for either of us.

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michele said...

Shannon great blog!! I totally understand what your saying about the breastfeeding. I breastfed both my kids and loved every minute of it!! It was our special time together I was the only one that could do it and it was awesome. For many reasons one being that it is the best for the baby and that being said my kids are now 10 and 12 and i can count on one hand how many sick visits to the doctor we have had for both they say it benifits the child and they are less sickly i for one say amen to that and i am happy that was my choice and i would never change a thing about it.

As for your supply running low it will come back let her nurse when ever she wants it will build back up ~ get some mothers milk tea also it will help. Pumping alot will help too. My kids did eventually ween them selves it swear it was the saddest day ever my son was 10 months and my daugher was a tad bit older but like to nurse at bedtime. It is sad when they give it up!!

You will be fine take care of yourself. Your doing a great service to your daugher.

She is beautiful!!