Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bead Stash

I have been holding on to a few (okay a lot) of pieces from Nancy over at Round Rabbit.
I love Nancy's pieces and have a difficult time parting with them.
Someone had me put this necklace on hold for a Christmas present:

Today I made this necklace using a piece I purchased over the summer I believe. I know I have had it a while because I bought it when Nancy was on Etsy and now she sells on Big Cartel.
I love how this necklace came out. Very simple, which is perfect for my style. It has Vintaj (my favorite) and a Green Girls owl (another favorite). The necklace is also nice and long which is great because it is NY and the sweaters are out of the closet adding bulk. Halloween candy is helping add bulk too, glad it's almost gone, lol.

Now to tell something funny about The Girl. Today I put her dinner plate in front of her, we were having broccoli, backed sweet potatoes and baked chicken. Guess what she ate first? The Broccoli! I could not believe it. I loved, no craved, broccoli when I was pregnant. The other funny thing she does is as soon as she wakes up it push her hair out of her eyes and asks for a bow. The Girl has had long hair since the day she was born so I have pretty much always put bows in it. I was always shocked she left them in but I am blown away that the actually likes them. Have you seen my logo? It is the 2 birds, 1 has a bow in her hair :-)

Have a great weekend,


Penny said...

I love Nancy's stuff too, great designs and your daughter is adorable.

Nicki said...

what a cutie. how old is she? I would guess about 2 years.

Janet said...

Just beautiful pcs! I wished Id bought from that last sale over at Nancys! Kicks self in the tush lol! Ohhh I love those wings on that necklace. Just a perfect pc! ox