Monday, November 22, 2010


It's Monday night 8:50 pm to be exact and The Girl is asleep, hubby is watching tv and I am on the computer. A typical American Monday night I suppose.
I just wanted to shoot off a blog post because I had such a great weekend with The Girl I don't want to forget how great it really was.

She is getting so big and independent it is really amazing. I want her to be a baby for a while longer but in some was I guess she still is. She still cries when you tell her no and she still wants her blankie when she goes nigh, nigh.
I have been trying to soak up as much of the fall weather as I can so we have been going outside to play every afternoon. The Girl can climb up the stairs to the slide all by herself now. I even asked if she needed help and she said no! She picked me a dandelion bouquet, my very first of what I hope is many. I don't have a photo because she and the dog ate them, lol. No really I took them away before they ate them all but there was tasting by both of them.
-She told me today that she needed to be changed and ran to her room when I told her to.
-She now has all 4 molars and all 8 front teeth. Poor Girl is going to need braces because she has my flared out top teeth and her dad's crooked squished bottom teeth.
-She hugs me for no reason and I love every second of it.
-She calls for me when she wakes up.
-She woke up very happy from her nap this afternoon, a big change.
-She watched the entire Tinkerbell movie this morning, sitting on my lap cuddling.
I can't imagine life getting any better than it was today, today was pretty perfect!

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