Monday, November 1, 2010

Simple Beauty

I am going to call this post simple beauty because I believe you don't need to have a lot going on to be beautiful. Sometimes too much going on will detract from one's beauty.
I was in a store the other day and the owner had a ton of makeup on, piles of bracelets and he hair was teased as high as it could go. It was difficult to take her seriously and she was very sweet but she just looked silly.
I wanted to share with you a package that came in the mail today.

It is so perfectly beautiful and yet very simply wrapped. I have never received an item I ordered packaged with such care and attention to detail. 
When I pulled the box open, squealing with glee I discovered the most lovely perfectly packaged beads. Each bead had it's own wrapper, business card and a description card tied to the bead itself.
This was the box of goodies from Mary Harding of 

I won a toggle clasp and $25.00 GC from Mary during the Beads of Clay Open House.
My husband and I spent hours, okay I spent hours he spent minutes, trying to pick beads from her etsy store. It wasn't that I couldn't pick it was that I wanted one of everything and we have a very limited budget for beads right now.
I chose these:
Dill Seed Heart Pendant

Cluster Daisy Heart Pendant
SALE ClusterDaisyHeart Pendant
Wild Harvest Pendant in Blues
Toggle Clasp Bown Sea Urchin Texture
Toggle Clasp Brown SeaUrchin texture
Aren't they lovely! I am so excited to play with these beads, it is just going to take me a while to open the absolutely perfect packaging!


Holly said...

It really is all in the details, and when the details are simple, yet beautiful, what can be better? Lovely post, and beautiful beads!

maryharding said...

Shannon, what a wonderful post. Thank you for such loving attention to my ceramic pendants. I am so happy they give you joy.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post Shannon :) And with Mary's beads you can't go wrong whichever you choose... Can't wait to see what creations you'll make :) Hugs!