Monday, December 20, 2010

An auction to help an artist in need

On her blog Pretty Things Lori Anderson shared the story of Emilie Gossiaux.
The story touched my heart not only because she bears almost the same name as my own daughter but because I cannot imaging the cost of her medical bills after being hit by an 18 wheeler. Medical bill can be devastating to a family who should be focused on healing.
Lori is auctioning off one of her amazing necklaces to help with Emilie's mounting medical bills.
So please visit this site: to read more about Emilie and what you can do to help.
Visit this site: to place a bid on this beautiful one of a kind handmade necklace.


Janet said...

I was reading this about what happened to this young woman on Loris facebook. A wonderful thing for her to do to help for Emi. I was very saddened. Thank you too for sending this message out on this young womans situation!

Heidi said...

Thank you for sharing and for thinking about donating a piece to the etsy shop. I don't know Emilie, but we went to the same arts high school (though she was born the year I graduated!). I read about her in the alumni newsletter, and I was heartbroken by her sad story. I had to help, so I donated some jewelry to the etsy, and I blogged about it hoping to spread the word. Lori reads my blog, and decided to do her auction. With her huge readership, I feel like it's really going to get out there. And I know all these jewelry bloggers have such big generous hearts. I'm so glad to see all the love and concern! And thanks again :)

Pretty Things said...

Thanks for posting this!