Saturday, December 4, 2010


Inspired by the color challenge I just participated in I wanted to give myself a challenge. 
In September I won a book called The Complete Color Harmony from Lori Anderson of Pretty Things.
I have not had a chance to read the book but what I decided to do was to choose a page in the book and be inspired by that page. I am also the kind of person who likes to flip to random pages in art and poetry books and the bible and be inspired by whatever is in front of me.
The page I flipped to was Regal. "The fullness of blue combined with the power of red creates blue-violet. It is the darkest hue on the color wheel and contains no black to diminish its innate power. Combinations using this color symbolize authority and regal inspiration. Likened to the deepest blue-black plums of summer, blue-violet combined with its compliment, yellow-orange, creates a most striking color scheme, This lush combination suggests royalty and is seldom used outside a daunting environment."
I had made the etched copper pendant several weeks ago using an image of a crown from Tim Holtz, I knew immediately that I had to use this pendant in a necklace with this color palette. I then grabbed my box of purple beads. Yes I have my beads organized by color, I did that a couple of weeks ago. So I grabbed the purple box and started designing a necklace using the yellow-orange color and shades of purple.

I chose Swarovski Crystals in baroque, bicone and top drilled cuts. I then added a purple acrylic faceted round, purple carved flourite bead, smooth and faceted Amethyst rounds. For the yellow-orange color I chose Vintage Lucite rounds from a necklace I cut apart. I added bead caps to the Lucite beads and a filigree bead which I opened became a bead cap for the purple acrylic bead.

I have found myself wire wrapping my pieces 95% of the time now. I just love how they look and the wire becomes part of the design, I just love the Vintage Bronze color of this wire. The pendant is sealed and waxed for durability, none of the patina will rub off and it will not turn the skin green.

I just love how this necklace turned out. 
I will have to test drive it for durability and make sure it is child proof. 
Which means: I will have to wear it to church tomorrow and let The Girl play with it during the sermon to keep her quiet ;-)



Imaginative Jewelry said...

It sure looks child proof to me :)
I have to start thinking about child proof necklaces too.

Kristi Bowman said...

Pretty pretty pretty!!! Love purple and orange is becoming my go to color with lots of other colors I wouldn't have put it with in the past. Hope it survives the child proof test!

Pretty Things said...

That is a WONDERFUL color combination, and truly regal!!!! I'm so glad you liked the book. I use mine a LOT when I get stuck. I love pink/purple/blue but not everyone does!

TesoriTrovati said...

Shannon- That book looks pretty awesome! I am going to go and bookmark that now in my Amazon queue! I am delighted that you will keep the inspiration going! I will look forward to seeing what you do with this.
Enjoy the day!

Heather Powers said...

I love this Shannon! The etched pendant is great and the color combo is so much fun.

My Life Under the Bus said...

SO pretty! This has a very regal look to it.