Monday, December 27, 2010

Shifting Ground Class

On December 21st I entered a contest on  the contest was for Micheal deMeng mini course that will demystify his paint techniques. Misty Mawn's workshop and a seat in her new "Stretching Within." Or "Shifting Ground" e-course by Stephanie Lee finding solid footing through journal writing.
I have set several goals for myself this year and a few of them include taking some more classes. I love to take classes especially those on new techniques so I really wanted to win one of these classes.
I know you are waiting to hear which class I won but I did not win. Nope I didn't win any of them I was bummed when I began to read Stephanie's post but then several paragraphs in I read these words

And because I can, I'm also giving away (randomly) seats in my Shifting Ground class to:
Everyone who commented.

I almost fell off my stool and sent an e-mail off to Stephanie right away because I thought I read it wrong. She responded quickly to my e-mail with a definite yes! She loved the comments everyone left for her on the giveaway post so she decided to give a seat in her course to everyone who left a comment. I am so excited because I really wanted to take this course and her Metalsmithing course (which she may not have till summer, I asked). I am also looking into a blogging course, we shall see.

Shifting ground class
The following words are from Stephanie reprinted here with her permission I just loved what she had to say so I wanted to share her words with you.

There were so many who want to give the gift of peace to loved ones and I want to say to you - inquire within. Look to what brings you peace and invite it in whole heartedly. BE the peace you want for those around you and your energy will inspire and encourage those who need it. Don't underestimate the power of your own light. If you are wandering around sad and discouraged about those around you, there is no optimistic or encouraging word you can say that will mask the energy which you hold. Not really. You can only lift others by being in a position to do the lifting and you cannot lift another by being as sad or sadder than they are.
If you wish for clear life direction for a loved one, find it for yourself and if and when you have it, live it. Be it. And affirm it in one another.
If you wish for grief to leave a loved one, send love. Send laughter. Send light. Be love. Be laughter. Be light. Affirm it in one another.
If you wish for the world to be at peace stop looking at the ways it is not. Look for the places that there is peace and fill the whole universe up with your gratitude for that peace. Don't fight for peace. Be the kind of person that can't help but BE peace and there will be no room for anything that isn't peace.
If you wish for all the hungry people of the world to be fed, feed yourself. Not only with good food that nourishes your body - that makes it the most useful, healthful it can be, but also love. Feed yourself with love and kindness and gratitude and you will find ways through that thinking to feed more hungry people what they need as well. There are not just those starving in their bodies. There are many, too many, who are hungry in spirit and without a single penny, without taking up a collection, you can feed every person you encounter who is hungry in this way. You can feed them with your light and your spirit and your kindness and your knowing...knowing...that this world is good and kind and plentiful.
Your heartache will ease in giving this, I promise. You are amazing and powerful in all of the most perfect ways.
"The Universe will never leave you alone at such a time like this. Angels are all around you, as they gather without fail whenever a soul is seeking its wholeness. This is absolutely not the time to isolate; rather, despite whatever resistance you feel, allow yourself to join with at least one other human being..."
-Marianne Williamson

Don't forget to enter my giveaway it ends soon. Click here to be taken to the blog post where you will need to leave a comment to be entered to win a necklace or 1 of 2 handmade jewelry easels! 



Imaginative Jewelry said...

Shannon, that was so nice of her. Enjoy!! And tell us about it!!

Jenny said...

Hi Shannon,
It's Jenny, Stephanie Lee's assistant. This is the only way I coul find to get ahold of you! I need your email address so I can send you the Shifting Ground course info. Please email me at

Beadbug said...

You have to take her metalsmithing class I took it and have been thrilled with what we learned. Take a look at my goodies at

You won't be sorry she is just a wonderful teacher.