Saturday, February 12, 2011

Another Question - Week 6

How did you fall in love with the process of creating? Did you have a mentor?

I have a wonderful mentor, my mom. She can make anything I think.
She can sew, crochet, cook, craft and bake. She used to make wedding cakes, and taught me to make roses when I worked at the Price Chopper bakery. When I was little she made me a Big Bird cake for one of my birthdays, it was awesome.
I can remember her making clothes, corn husk dolls, wreathes, and Christmas tree ornaments.
My dad is very creative too, he can pretty much do anything too. He has worked with wood, electronics, and cars, just to name a few things.
I don't specifically remember when I started crafting or creating art - I suppose I always have - but I do remember being in an art class in High School using oil pastels and not hearing anything else going on in the classroom. I was in total bliss at that moment. Nothing and no one could touch me, I was in another world. It was wonderful.
I have crafting ADD though and jump from craft to craft, medium to medium. I enjoy pastels, drawing, photography, making jewelry, crochet, and working with fire and metal. I should probably try to combine all these and do mixed media art, maybe someday.
My handmade jewelry display, combining my love of wood, paper and jewelry design.

So now I ask you:
How did you fall in love with the process of creating?
Did you have a mentor or take a class?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliment--who knew?? Dad is quite creative and talented in so many areas - I never gave my "crafting" stuff much thought because I never invented anything like he does. I loved creating things from the time I was young. In first grade we were allowed to go to the art corner if we finished our work--I would rush thru my work so I could get there and paste, color and glue until they made me go back to work. ( So I guess my mentor must've been Miss Tardy, the teacher). Unfortunately scholastic acheivement was appreciated much more than creativity in those days so there weren't alot of kudos for coming home from school with a purse created from construction paper and paste.

After I had you three girls there was purpose in creating things--esp when money was tight-I loved making things for you guys and for our house--remember country decorating was the craze (the more stuff you could hang off the walls and ceilings--the better :) ) Anyhow there is nothing like the feeling of taking something ordinary and making it into something beautiful. If I had any part in your creativity I am thankful for that because you make lovely things.

Love you...

stacilouise said...

I had a very similar experience growing up. I always loved to write and draw (I made lots of books when I was small) AND My mom is super talented, and she did decals when I was real young, basket weaving, crocheting, stained glass, and painting, to name a few. She always taught herself too. For fun we would go to art shows, and I was ALWAYS in love with the jewelry. She encouraged me to learn to make it, and the rest is history.

jamberry_song said...

Lovely discussion here, and your display is beautiful. :) I like how you did like a collage look with the book paper. It suits your necklace perfectly there!

Kristen said...

The comment from your mom was so sweet. I think I love creating especially when it is completed and puts a smile on your face that says "hey I made that!"

Spirited Earth said...

love your display and the story behind your creative start.
My family is filled with creative people..busy busy making things..i think families like these open kids minds to the possiblities that something can from nothing..also it encourages problem solving abilities too.

My Life Under the Bus said...

How cute is your mom?

I was home alone a lot - my mother worked - so I always came up with ways to do things. We didn't have a lot of money so you get crafty to get what you want. I used to draw for hours and hours - never got tired of it. I too have the crafting ADD and LOVE to try new things! We are very much alike!

Daffydill's Days said...

My grandmother did anything and everything in her home that was possible. I was very close to her from birth and that continued until her passing. Her smile, grace and love of her family inspired my love to learn so many new things. Hands on crafts and making sure there was no waste were number 1 in her muse....