Sunday, February 20, 2011


My blog got a makeover yesterday. What do you think?

About a 2 weeks ago I started making a crochet shawl with the most beautiful yarn I have ever felt. I worked on it about 30 minutes a night and a few times at work when I had a no show client. I am getting faster that's for sure. I am also addicted to crochet right now. I am loving it!

I am craving a new project so I think I will make another baby blanket (I made a pink one about 3 weeks ago) this time in cream. I am thinking of donating the pink one to Neal and Angie and The Calling All Angels project. I saw their you tube video about their son that was born premature and passed away. All they had from his time on earth was his prints and the blanket given to them in the hospital. Visit their blog to learn more: I can see a mother cherishing the handmade pink crocheted blanket in memory of their child's life or placing the blanket over their healthy sleeping child for years to come.

My daughter loves all things crocheted and she promptly wrapped herself in the shawl I made.
The Girl

I hope you all will check out The Calling All Angel's Project and donate a blanket, handmade or not.

Yesterday my blog got a makeover. What do you think?

Have a wonderful Sunday!!!



Kristi Harrison said...

I don't know how to crochet, but I love to knit...I want to be able to knit flowers and such to embellish what I make and maybe use in jewelry too!. I bought a great book, 100 flowers to knit and crochet by Lesley Stanfield. I actually got mine at Borders, but I am sure you can also find online!

Judy said...

Shannon your blog looks awesome! I love the pictures in the banner, the purple colors are gorgeous!
A wonderfully kind neighbor made my MIL a prayer shawl and my sister was gifted one when she was going through chemo, they are a wonderful heartfelt gift.