Saturday, February 19, 2011

Obsessed no more - Week 7

Everyone gets obsessed with a new technique, material, pattern,
inspiration, etc... everything we do is based on that obsession. Then, one day, you wake
up and you can’t stand the thought of continuing on the same path. Tell me about it!
The Girl and her favorite "banket"

When I read this weeks prompt I was thinking I would have nothing to write about because I don't feel that I have ever become obsessed with a technique only to end up not being able to stand it.
Then as the week progressed (I give myself the week to mull over the prompts) I started to think of all the mediums I have worked with and all the crafts I have worked on. One that I loved and lost came to mind painting on glass.

I loved painting on glass, I was good at it too. So what happened? I bit off more than I could chew. I decided because I was good at painting on glass I would paint glasses for my wedding favors. I wanted everyone to have their own figuring most of the people would be couples so they would leave with a set of 2. So I started the daunting task of painting over 150 wine glasses. I didn't stop there though I also painted vases and glass votive holders, several for each table. It took almost a whole year to get everything done. Then we filled the wine glasses with Hershey's kisses and placed them into handmade lunch bags tied with ribbons.  Thank God I have a wonderful husband who is very helpful, he tied all the bows and punched the holes.
After my wedding I put the paints in the spare room closet and didn't look at them again until we turned that room into The Girl's room at which time I threw them away, I think.
I have been thinking about painting glass again but not in a wine goblet sort of way, more of a how can I use this in my jewelry way.
Do you have a technique, material, medium you were obsessed with but now cannot stand?
Let me know by leaving a comment!

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