Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday 2/23/11

Good Morning,
Unfortunately I cannot show you all my bead table this morning because it has Bead Soup all over it. With the big reveal being this Saturday I have been feverishly working on my piece(s).

So here part of my table/kitchen island. I snapped this photo on my HTC EVO which I am in love with. These are beads patiently waiting to be put away. You see I bead in my kitchen but my beads are stored in a small bedroom down the hall. In that bedroom? Three of my four dogs beds and my cat. They don't like when I go in and out of their room too much when they are trying to sleep so I have been trying to grab a bunch of beads to take with me or to put away. That way I am not in and out too much.
I know that must sound strange to some but my dogs are very happy having their beds in the room because they are all female and this way there is no fighting over beds.
Just last night I started a 15 minute bead table clean up. I set the stove timer and took 15 minutes to sort and organize my beads. I swiped this mermaid plat from my daughter (she's 20 months) and put on it the beads I am finished with. This worked out great. In the 15 minutes I actually got a lot done and I was not overwhelmed. I know there is a ton more organizing to do but I will save that for tonight's 15 minutes ;-)
Hope you have a great day!
What's on your bead table?


stacilouise said...

Bead soup, bead soup, I think I am dreaming of bead soup! (in a good way) I am finally done, but need to get some good pics! Can't wait to see what your making on saturday!!!

Holly said...

I know just what you are talking about with female German Shepherd girl gives me The Look when I interrupt her sleep! And Flying, are you? I'm trying to Fly, but still am a fledgling ;) Can't wait to see your Bead Soup piece(s)!

Honey said...

I knew I had to follow you when you wrote you had 4 dogs and a cat! My sister's the jewelry maker but we have beads everywhere from her that my two girls love to play with.