Friday, March 30, 2012

Finally Friday March 30th Edition

Hello :-)
I am thrilled to report I reached 650 fans on my facebook page last night!
Thank you all so much.
So anyway it is the first Finally Friday!
Here is the palette I revealed last week:

Design Seeds

and here is the necklace I was inspired to make from that palette:

I used an etched copper piece I made, a lampwork bead from 2BeadSisters, bird and disk beads from Humblebeads, porcelain from Genea, silk from MarshaNeal, and a couple beads leftover from tomorrow's challenge from StudioSublime. I pumped up the color with the dark blue silk and the bird. I love how this turned out!

Here is the palette for next week's Finally Friday Challenge.
I hope you'll join in!

Design Seeds

Did you make something inspired by this palette?
Share your link!



somethingunique said...

Yay!!! 650 friends.....your creation is beautiful..I can't wait to try my ribbons in a creation.....thanks for sharing..xox

steufel said...

Congrats on the 650! And I love what you did with the palette!

KayzKreationz said...

What a great piece. I'm trying to get my post up. I've had internet issues since sometime yesterday and finally got back on line. I just found some neat beads for the palette. Will be checking out the new palette, too.

Sally Russick said...

Beautiful piece Shannon! I love the palette for next week, I may have to etch out some time to make a piece for next week!