Thursday, March 1, 2012

Silk Color Palette

As some of you know I love Marsha Neal's beads, pendants and especially her silks.

Her silks are the best I have come across and I like to buy them, hoard them and use them in my jewelry.

In February Marsha asked 12 headers to choose a palette of silks from her etsy shop based on a photograph.
1. Carrie Can Blog 
2. CreativeRuts on Tumbler 
3. The Lurie Garden's Salvia River 4. Marsha Neal Studio Macro Cone Flower

Here is my bundle:

I can imagine having a tea party with my daughter and her faerie friends.

From Marsha's Blog:

Why should you purchase these?
1. You can help these 12 artists reach milestones of silk knot bundles sold & they get free stuff (you could be one of these lucky 12 next time if you come up with a palette & get voted in).

2. For every 1 palette that you purchase in these 12 finalist palettes during this 1st round - ends May 2, 2012, you get 1 entry into winning a $50 Marsha Neal Studio Clay Pieces Gift Certificate.

3. There will be design challenges hosted here on my blog designed around the inspirations from these silk knot bundles and inspirational photographs for anyone purchasing these palettes & using them in their designs, then entering the design challenge posts.
Prizes for winners will be determined as events are scheduled.

Oh, and don't worry, there will be some blog post tutorials coming up on how to use these in some basic ways to create jewelry.

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Details about the "Silk Knot Bundles":
(10) 2mm silk ribbon cords are in each silk knot bundle.
These silks are over a yard in length (40-42" long each).
They are color fast and hand washable in a mild detergent.
The 2mm silks are hand stitched and can be cut at any length without them unraveling.

Now I need you to go vote for my palette, go buy my palette of silks and go share my palette with your friends. Please visit Marsha's Blog more info and Thank You!

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