Monday, June 4, 2012

Notes From the Day

-naps are the delicious reward for her getting up before 6am
-I will probably pay for her taking a 3hr nap at bedtime
-I can get a lot of things done in 3 hrs
-I miss her "help" while she is napping

-look for ingredients before planning the menu for dinner, how is it we have no sauce?
-putting out a Hummingbird feeder, 1/2 loaf of stale bread and 3 leftover pancakes led to the most amazing array of birds, chipmunks and about 8 squirrels
-I do not like this weeks color palette, it is way out of my comfort zone, and I picked it
-even though I don't like the palette I made a necklace and will share it on Friday
-I feel bad that people keep posting the thing about fb and privacy, I checked snopes it's false
-day's off move way too fast :-(


1 comment:

Alice said...

What a mischevious but cute smile! None of my kids ever napped for more than 45 minutes, and my youngest stopped taking naps at age 2.

I love, love, love this week's palette and already have a piece made. But my camera is turning the orange beads to some sort of garish funky neon color. I'll let my husband have a go at it because he knows so much more about photography than I.