Saturday, June 2, 2012

To My New Home

Remember this necklace?

It's all packed up 

and on the way to its new home :-)

It always makes me so happy when a piece of jewelry gets its forever home.
I know that sounds funny, sort of like someone adopting a pet but I look at all my jewelry like a part of the family.

Let me take a second to explain why.

First, I spend countless hours sourcing my supplies. I search etsy for new artists almost daily because I love to support other women business owners with my work.
I search many online retailers for the best prices on findings, wire, clasps and other items like seed beads, gemstones and copper sheet.
I can spend 1-3 days etching copper which includes cleaning (it's really gross when it arrives), cutting, applying the design (which can take a few times to get it right), etching the piece, cleaning it, applying patina, sealing with lacquer, applying wax, and finally adding holes.
Once I have chosen which etched copper elements I wish to use I gather up my other materials and sit down at my beading table to create. 
This can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 4 hours depending on how complex the piece is.

So you see this is how my pieces become like family. I remember where I purchased each item from, I remember what I was thinking or feeling when I decided to etch that particular pattern, I know what each color palette was inspired by whether it was a Finally Friday post, a blog hop or an emotion I felt while playing tag with my daughter.
Each piece is then wrapped up tightly, placed in a muslin bag, then into a hand embellished box and sent on its way- to its forever home. 
Where I can only hope to touch someone else's life with this special treasure. 
I hope the wearer enjoys the piece and feels confident, happy and beautiful while wearing it for years to come. -and maybe, just maybe pass the item on to her daughter :-)



Rebecca said...

Beautiful Shannon! I love your packaging. And it's just a super necklace! Lovely story behind your process too.

susanne hale said...

Oh my gosh Shannon, as the buyer of this lovely necklace, I was so impressed to read about the care you take with your jewelry, from creation to packaging. And of course I love the necklace. I'll be thrilled to wear it and yes, my daughter will get it one day too. Thanks much!

Shel said...

Beautiful, Beautiful necklace. I love that you shared your creative process and artist way of thinking with all of us - such a warm and wonderful post!

stacilouise said...

So well said Shannon. I think you justly described how so many of us feel. Its a little part of us until its all said and done;)