Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sad, Sad Day

Today is a sad day in my house.
My mac book pro, my baby, died.
She was the best laptop ever :-(
Thank goodness about 6 months-a year ago my friend Patty suggested a backup thingy and it was on sale at Target so I have that.
I am typing right now on my backup macbook. It is tiny, pink and old but she works.
She's like the Princess stepping up for when the Queen passes away.
Right now I have none of my pictures and I am a bit lost as the Queen was already upgraded to Lion but this one doesn't even have Snow Leopard and I can't find that disc so I dunno what is gonna happen. Hopefully running the backup will help, I am not sure.
Anyway, I will miss you Queen. I already spoke to Apple and it isn't a software problem and it isn't covered so it will be at minimum $400. Which is a lot less than a new computer but I have been looking into a desktop anyway so we'll see.
Well it's bath time for my daughter.
Have a great night!


Figgs said...

Before I got into beading, I was a volunteer on the MS Help Groups and have seen some pretty upset and desolate people who never thought to back up their photos and data and lost everything to a crash. My daughter is a graphic artist and has the same laptop as you and hers crashed out of the blue but she had listened to "her old mum" (g) and had a backup of her artwork. I assume your "thingie" is probably Clickfree so you should be OK. Maybe get the Apple shop to reload it. Good luck!!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Man I would die if My Mac baby died! I do back it up, how old is your Mac, I have had mine for 2 years, but my brother has had one for 7 years


Susan said...

I lost my mac book pro when my 19 year old spilled a beer on it. He has no idea how that happened!