Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday Tips

I love these pretty, dark blue nails. I am totally doing this color soon.

I have been getting a lot of questions about growing natural nails.
I am going to give a couple tips here.

First, you need vitamin a, you know the stuff found in orange veggies like carrots and sweet potatoes. This helps your nails stay hydrated and is just all around good for you, so eat up!

You absolutely need cuticle oil. Everyone should be using a high quality cuticle oil several times a day. It truly does make a difference. I like Entity Beauty Cuticle Oil but use whatever you can get your hands on. Smear it on, rub it in, repeat. Often, like 3-4 times a day. Keep a bottle by your computer.

I recommend pure acetone polish remover because all acetone is drying, that's just life but, if you use pure acetone you will need less and it will take your polish off faster limiting the amount of time your nails are in it. I also tell everyone don't remove your polish more often than once a week.

Please, do not pick off your old polish. Your nails are like a giant  a brick of sliced cheese, you wouldn't attack a brick of sliced cheese with a trowel or a peeler would you? Your nails have layers. If you pick off your acrylics, gel polish, or regular polish you are ripping away layers. This is bad! It makes them thin, really thin and sensitive.

I always recommend a base coat. I like, okay love, Sticky by Creative Nail Design (CND). I don't think you even need an extra strengthener if you use Sticky as a base coat. It is that awesome.

I love Super Shiny top coat also from CND. Reapply every other day for super long lasting and shiny nails.

Any other questions? Please leave them in a comment below and I will be sure to answer them in another Tuesday Tips.

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Barbara said...

I love your nail tips! I eat tons of carrots (well, I juice them a lot) so that makes sense to me. I don't paint my finger nails and keep them very short because of all the jewelry work so I focus mostly on my toes when I feel the need to paint them.

That brings me to my question for natural nails, can you give some good tips on cuticle care and good filing practices? I use cuticle oil but sometimes I wonder about trimming/remoiving cuticles and hang nails and such and wonder about the correct way to do it (which I'm sure I'm not ;)

Cilla said...

I eat up your nail tips. Thanks so much!

Alice said...

(in a whiny voice) Awww, do I really have to eat my veggies?

After your first post I pulled out my bottle of cuticle oil and have been using it at least twice a day. Normally we have very humid weather in the summer, but this year it's been mostly a dry heat, which really tears up my nails. While I've never been one to wear polish, I do want my bare nails to look nice. Thanks for the tips!

KayzKreationz said...

Thanks for more nail tips. I've been telling everyone I know about the tips you already gave me, and these are great additions.

Shirley said...

Ok, I have to confess, I don't know where I've been, but this is the first of your tips I've seen. My nails do grow long naturally, and I've seen a marked improvement in their growth and strength since I've been taking a multivitamin. I don't put color on my nails, since I despise chipped nail polish, but I do usually use clear. And *hangs head in shame* I used to use cuticle oil, and just got out of the habit. Thanks for the great info!

jj said...

Love those nails!

Debi - Tinks Treasure said...

Great tips Shannon & those nails are gorgeous. Will be getting some cuticle oil today!