Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday Tips

Red Mylar Acrylic Nails

So my tip for today?

How not to have dry skin from dish washing?
How not to have turkey guts under your nails?
How not to stain your nails when cleaning/cutting pomegranates, tomatoes, and black walnuts?
How not to ruin your manicure gardening?

Yes, you are right - get someone else to do it for you ;-)
But seriously - wear gloves.
I have several different kinds of gloves that I like but my favorite are the blue disposable nitrile gloves. They are cheap so I don't feel bad throwing them out after use,
 especially after cleaning out the turkey :-P

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?
Mine is stuffing, Mmmmm....

I hope you have a wonderful day


Courtney said...

ok, I wear gloves all the time! :)

I did gelish and got red with wonderful rainbow prisimatic goodness on top! Thought of you.

Alice said...

I always wear gloves when doing dishes and gardening.

It's Pumpking Pie for me. Yum!!!