Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday Tips

Would you believe I am out of photo storage space here on my blog? Blogger or well Google wants me to pay to upgrade. It is now a monthly fee. I cannot believe it. I really don't want to have another bill. I guess it is all part of doing business but for now I have figured out a way around it. I upload my photos to photobucket first and then copy the direct url and give blogger the direct url to the picture in photobucket. Make sense? No, not really to me either but it works and I am pretty excited because I wouldn't be able to share photos otherwise. It works for now but is an extra step so I am not sure for how much longer.
I am having a new website and blog design done as we speak so I may just move over to that blog in the future :-)

Please increase your cuticle oil use. 
I stayed at the cabin for Thanksgiving and it has forced air and oh are my cuticles dry! 
The only thing that saved me was the tiny bottle of cuticle oil I have stashed in my purse.

Have a great Tuesday!


Courtney said...

Try uploading to flickr and then copying the URL. Saved me. :)

Alice said...

So is it Picasa or Google that is doing this? I upload all my photos to Picasa-for now. I don't want an expense for my blog as it is just for fun. I might have to think about uploading to photobucket or flickr down the road but I've only been blogging for a year. I'm sure at some point these photo sharing places will all be charging for space.

Shirley Moore said...

Wow! I had no idea they would do something like that! Thanks for the tip, I'll keep it in mind if I get that message.
And thanks for the oil reminder. One of those duh moments when I read that, because I've just noticed over the past week that I have lots of tiny hangnails. Love the blue french tips!