Sunday, April 24, 2011

Great Idea, why didn't I think of it?

I was looking around online a few weeks ago and came across the neatest little gadget.
It's a stamp for artists who use polymer clay or metal clay to stamp their work.
I love the idea because I had a metal stamp with my logo made a while ago and although it is nice it isn't fool proof.

Hmmm, I think I just called myself a fool.

Anyway, I found this stamp from Charm Factory called a Signature Stamp that you can use to make an impression of your logo anywhere on your metal clay or polymer clay piece. You can even make them up as hang tags, like I did, for your jewelry pieces. The best part is that because I work with precious metal clay I know right away if my logo impression is not great and I can crumple it up and start over. I could not do this with my metal stamp. With the metal stamp I would sometimes not get a good impression and the tag would be ruined.

I really liked the idea of marking your pieces. So I decided to try the stamp out.

This is my logo:

Cute? I had a graphic designer make it for me, it is my daughter and I. She has the bow :-)

 Here is my logo as a stamp:

What a great job they did making my logo into a tiny little stamp.

I love the key ring so you can find it on your bead table!

Here is what I made with my stamp and some precious metal clay last Sunday while my husband took my daughter out to play on the swing set.
Four Flower charms, earrings perhaps?

The back, with my stamp on them!
Jewelry Tags

They were only gone for about 30-45 minutes and I was able to make all these cute little charms!

I am thinking a fun charm bracelet
Flower Charm
I made 2 of these they are so cute!

I am still getting used to the depth of the stamp and how hard you need to push down. I have noticed you do not need a very deep impression when working with metal clay because the impression seems to get deeper as you heat it. I have a kiln but for these pieces I used my torch.

Visit Charm Factory and order your stamp, tell 'em you saw it on my blog. I am so happy I got mine!


Disclosure: I received a custom-made signature stamp from Charm Factory at no charge in exchange for a review of my opinion. The opinions expressed are my own. No other compensation was given.


YorkAvenueStudio said...

I love the Signature Stamps from The Charm Factory! I use mine on everything! The detail is amazing and so tiny. I'm so glad you have one too!

TesoriTrovati said...

I saw that recently too. Great idea. I have a metal stamp that I use for little copper tags. It has my key logo really tiny! But the detail is amazing. I guess I could use my little key on the clay as well. Enjoy the day!

boniusia said...

Charm are fantastic

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