Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week 10- 52 Weeks of Blogging

Hello welcome to week 10 of my 52 weeks of blogging. If you are just tuning in I began this journey in January so yes I am behind in my weeks. I am trying to catch up but with so many things going on right now I am lagging a bit behind. Hopefully in the coming weeks I can catch up.

Anyway, how are you doing? Finish your taxes yet? I did but my accountant had a stroke and I haven't gotten any paperwork back from him yet so we'll see. Hopefully we find out soon what we owe because I only have a few days to get the check in the mail.

Week 10 is all about favorite tools. I thought about it and my favorite tools really are my pliers, all of them. I couldn't live without my pliers, make rings, loops, hooks or ear wires. So I thought I would talk a minute about my pliers where they are from and why I like them.
My "babies"

So let's started - on the far left, that pair is from AC Moore. They were $7.00 on clearance. They are magnetized so they grab the jump rings and hold on, something I hated at first but now I love it. They are from Blue Moon Beads and I use them everyday, love these.

To the right with the black handles are my 2 sets of round nose pliers. 1 is a tapered pair that I use for making loops for links and dangles and the other pair are great for making ear wires, hook clasps and for using with filigree because the jaws are the same size from tip to end and there are 2 different sizes small and medium. They bailing pliers I got at a show and are from BeadSmith and the other pair I bought at Michael's (with my 40% off) they are from UltraErgo.

Next we have my crimping pliers, they have the dark blue handles, I don't use these too often but they are handy to have around and are also from Michael's (did I mention 40% off?)

My lindstrom pliers, the light blue handles, were bought on a whim I have these which have a large flat head and another pair which are curved needlenose that I never use. I hold the pair shown in my left hand for closing jump rings and that's about all I use them for, they are not a favorite pair but for what I paid for them I want to use them.

Finally, the 2 orange pairs are from Home Depot made by Crescent. They come in a pack of 2 for about $15.00. They are for electricians I believe and these are great little cutters. I like that they are cheap enough to throw away if they become dull (like when hubby cuts something he shouldn't be cutting with pliers that aren't his) In the pack you get the cutters and this nifty little needlenose pair of pliers that are great (read - perfect for, priceless) for tucking in your little tail ends after you cut your wire when you are making dangles or wrapped loops. I hate when those tails are sticking out in jewelry so make sure you are tucking in your ends! Or I'll sick the dog on you!

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Holly said...

I love my pliers too, but I think my fave tool are my hammers! Love to get that aggression out :) Oh, and that last picture? Okay, that's just wayy too precious!