Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday 4/20/2011

Hello and welcome to another installment of Bead Table Wednesday. I finally figured out that it would not be as hectic if I wrote my BTW post on Tuesday night. Duh, right. Well I have thought to do it before Wed but never actually have.
I wanted to show off the super cool thing my crafty hubby made me the other day.
They are interlocking bead trays. I bought the felt bead mats at Michaels and wanted trays to put them in the keep track of projects/inspiration while I am waiting on orders/supplies to come in. I have been known to clean up a project while waiting on beads only to forget what the heck I bought the beads for in the first place. So here is my simple solution. I even have room on the sides to put a tag or label. I was thinking of getting those things they put on the photo boxes (I cannot think what they are called).
Okay so now what is in my boxes?
Box 1 has some precious metal clay charms I made the other day.

Box 2 has 2 pair of earrings (I blurred them out so you can't see) I am waiting on materials for (I ran out of all my Vintaj supplies!) and the rest of the boxes are hidden because they have my button swap piece in 1 and a magazine submission in the other.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my table, what's on your bead table?
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PS stop back Thurs to see what I made with the buttons Kristie (Artisan Clay) sent me.

-did you spot my friend in the background? My daughter gave her to me to put in her high chair. "To help you mama." So cute :-)


Kristi Bowman said...

Very cool, crafty husbands are the best huh!! I have also thought of doing my btw in advance, but haven't and missed it this morning because of it. Oh well!!

Leslie Todd said...

Your husband did a great job on the trays! I love to put my stuff in trays but hadn't thought of staging it like you do. That's a great idea.