Friday, April 29, 2011

Last Friday in April

Happy Last Friday in April!

Today is the first reveal day for the Artisan Clay Design Team. The team will be revealing what they made on the last Friday of the month.

Each of the members of the design team were given a handmade bead from Kristie Roeder, the extremely talented artist behind Artisan Clay. I first met Kristie during the Beads of Clay event last year and was paired up with her this year for the Button Blog Hop. Kristie is so sweet and has daughters so we connected right away.

I am sure you want me to get on with the reveal so here goes:

I turned this awesome link into a bracelet connector added matte fire agate, aquamarine, green adventurine, glass flowers, a swarovski crystal and a handmade clasp.

I went through many, many head pins trying to get the flowers in the front to look just right. I added and took away several flowers and crystals to come to the conclusion that just 2 on each side were perfect. I made my own head pins with fine silver wire and the clasp is from 16 gauge Vintage Bronze wire.

Remember these earrings? They are the ones I revealed on Monday. I made them to go with this bracelet.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you will visit the other members blogs to see what they have made with their pieces.



My Life Under the Bus said...

Happy Friday Shannon! Love the pop of color on this bracelet!

Have A Great Weekend!

SueBeads said...

Hey Shannon - very pretty and springy! Love it!

Kristen said...

Just gorgeous I love it!

stacilouise said...

Nice! I love how you turned a dark bead into a bright spring bracelet!!!!

Carol Dean said...

I love the unexpected color scheme in this! ;)

Holly said...

Gorgeous bracelet Shannon! I love the little flowers by the connector - they really draw the eye right in!

Artisan Clay said...

This is so playful. I love it! It matches the world outside me today. Everything is blooming!

Marcie A. said...

Great job Shannon! I love the weight of Kristie's pieces and I kept thinking how great they would be as bracelet focals. Lovely!

Jen V. said...

I love it! You really turned it into Spring!

Penny said...

Very pretty, love the spring colors. Your bracelet is so cheerful.