Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday 4/6/2011

Hello and happy Wednesday.
I am happy to bring you today's issue of BTW.
Be afraid, be very afraid of the photo you are about to see.
My table is a mess! A big, huge mess. Now remember this area doubles as my kitchen island! My poor understanding husband always has to move things to eat dinner.
I have a good excuse though, I have been super busy and super motivated. Somehow deadlines do that to me. They make me shake my keister, big time.
So here is a quick pic of my bead table, what's on yours?

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Kate said...

That looks like such a fun mess though :) Mine looks like that more often then not!!

jamberry_song said...

Great stuff! I love a messy bead table. ;) It says, "This is where treasures are created!" I get that feeling when I look at this picture you posted.

Leslie Todd said...

Mine's actually much messier, which is why I took a close up of what's on my bead table, LOL. It looks interesting!