Friday, April 27, 2012

Finally Friday

Hello and welcome to another Finally Friday!
Wow I can't believe I haven't blogged all week.
I am in transition I guess you could say and I have been feeling very stressed and down. I think that whenever I am standing at a crossroads I become introverted and keep to myself. Which as a nail technician is very difficult to do let me tell ya!

First, we thought we might be pregnant. We are not and although I know that just means it wasn't God's plan I am still bummed.
Second, I have been really stressed out about pricing my jewelry pieces. I don't want to price them too high but after researching the topic to death and doing my taxes I have begun to realize that if I am to ever stop doing nails and start making jewelry full time and selling wholesale and consigning and my ultimate dream of world domination, okay being on tv, I simply must get a new formula for pricing. This is not something I take lightly and it has literally paralyzed me from making anything and from pricing what is made. I know I will figure it out but it isn't easy to put a price tag on my "babies."
Finally, this week at the salon was extremely busy. I had no lunch on Wed and Thurs and ran late on Tues. I never run late so that was stressful and my daughter has been getting up extra early and sneaking off to the living room to play.

Okay, so enough of my tales of woe. I am a bit better now, it's Friday! WooHoo!
I am still at the crossroads with where I want to take my jewelry business but I am starting to get a clearer vision and that makes me happy. I am prepping for my first ever craft fair with etsy so that is stressing me out and I am excited all at the same time.

Now to the Finally Friday reveal:

Design Seeds

This weeks palette was very hard for me to make something for so here is the necklace I came up with. It took about 4 hours to do all the wire wrapping! It is a connected 3 strand necklace, meaning the 3 strands do not come apart. The first strand is the longest and features a star from Nancy Schindler of RoundRabbitExtra. I wire wrapped Swarovski crystal pearls on Vintaj artemetal wire (it's dark gunmetal colored wire, love it).
The third strand is the shortest and features gray faceted rondelle crystals, Swarovski pearls and corrugated metal beads.

The second or middle strand has this woman on the moon charm from Vintaj. On the back of the charm I added polymer clay which I stamped, baked and treated with alcohol inks. I then made the chain from the Swarovski pearls and corrugated metal beads.

I made these super simple earrings with my etched copper discs, glass beads and sterling silver earwires.

Not an easy palette for me and these 2 pieces are not at all what I thought I was going to make as I was thinking of pulling out my keys and keyhole pendants but I simply paralyzed myself with worrying about pricing and all the stress and didn't make much all week. I need to get out of my own head!

Here is the Design-Seeds palette for the week:
spring greens
I think this one is perfect for this time of year, although it was freezing today I know spring is right around the corner!

The rules:
Look at color palette.
Be inspired.
Gather supplies inspired by that color palette.
Create something wonderful.
Anything, jewelry, clothes, a painting, even a big 'ole mess.
Take a picture.
Post on your blog.
Link palette to Design Seeds.
Add link here.
Play again the following week!

So did you make anything inspired by this weeks palette? Be sure to add your link below.
thank you for stopping by, I really do appreciate you reading my blog and I hope you will join in next week with the Spring Greens palette :-)


Alice said...

Shannon, you put a lot of work into that first piece! All of these are lovely. I like how you transformed the moon pendant with polymer--so clever!

I had intended to participate today, and actually had a plan and some beads, and even a story to go with it, but ran out of time. I might just show the beads and a general design idea later today. It's dark and gloomy here, so getting a decent photo might be difficult.

Rats, this palette was right up my alley too. I've got to get a handle on making time to create.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Shannon,
Everything has a way of working out in the end so hang in there you will come to a conclusion I am sure of it.
Your necklace is very pretty, I really like the design.

Lori Anderson said...

I'm sorry you're feeling bummed. I understand that bummed feeling. Your jewelry, however, is beautiful!!!

CreatingCures said...

I am right there with you on the pricing issue! Your doing a great job with your work - beautiful - keep it up. And... if you figure out the pricing enigma do let me know ;) Be well ~~T

Penney said...

I feel your pain about pricing items, I, too struggle with that aspect of my creations! Your work is beautiful.

CraftyHope said...

I completely get where you are coming from on the pricing issue. I really should be using a formula too and I tried that when I first started out on Etsy, but it just didn't work out for me. I've been considering going back to it though. Currently my formula is deciding about how much the components cost, how difficult is was to make, and how much I would accept to separate me from my BABIES! There's no science or math to it though like there should be. Best of luck as you move forward. I know you'll figure it out. You're a smartie!
I really hate that I didn't participate this week since I adore the col,or palette you picked. However, I was focused on getting items made for the Crayon Box challenge and the Button swap so it just didn't happen. I really like the new palette as well so I'm hoping to get a chance to work with it. Thank you for offering up the challenge!